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  • utilities VFRmap By Sirmadsen

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    Whilst there is a VFR map in-game that can be brought up by default using the V key, it’s sometimes a bit finicky, and you just wish that you could use something like Google maps to see where you are… Well, with VFRmap, now you can – for free! The project is completely open source, and runs a local web-server using Simconnect that will allow you to view your location, and some information about your trajectory including airspeed and altitude. You can also teleport to any location by selecti
  • utilities MSFS Community Downloader By Sirmadsen

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    An easy to use MSFS add-on installer for projects hosted on Github Install the tool, open it, and download/update add-ons you like in one click. Currently supported add-on: Working Title CJ4 Working Title G1000 Working Title G3000 Working Title G3X Touch Flybywire A32NX (stable) Heavy Division B78XH Salty 747 Azgharie Airlines liveries TheFrett G36 Project JPLogistics C152 Pimarc PMS50 GNS530 Main function
  • utilities Input Viewer By Sirmadsen

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    Do you want to inspect your controls without looking at internal 3D models like throttle levers? Or, you want to brag about how good you are at controlling aircraft in your recording videos? Well, here is an easy solution! This tiny addon adds an in-game panel that shows several axis inputs for MSFS. As some of you may know, this is a rip-off of Controls Indicator feature from DCS (Digital Combat Simulator). Perhaps, other flight sims might have a similar feature. This input viewe

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