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    • Which is your go to MMO
      Make your voice heard in the forums and take part of the discussion!

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    • BHVR ignoring the major problem of hackers in Dead by Daylight
      So, this is nothing new by now, that cheaters are a problem in Dead by Daylight. What is sad though is that it's nothing new that Behavior ignores the problem effectively ruining the game for its player base, streamers and content creators. In fact the problem is so bad right now that big name streamers are coming out their silence and recognizing the problem. Streamers like Otzdarva and Spookyloopz, who by the way are in the Fog Whisperer program are now opening up. In the video below (spoiler) you will see Dowsey speaking about the problem and reacting to the mentioned streamers and, he says something that I truly also believe is a step in the right direction...

      "Get out of the Fog Whisperer program". I believe this is something they need to do to show to BHVR that their behavior (no pun intended) is not accepted! It's no secret that BHVR are extremely bad at communicating with their community, it's no secret that BHVR lies about what they are doing to prevent cheaters etc., it's no secret that BHVR don't hold back on punishing anyone criticizing the company and the game.

      BHVR is not a good company, the developers are not good people, and big name content creators Should Not support them. Play the game for all you want, it is your job, but, get out of any supportive groups/programs being sponsored by BHVR! To quote Dowsey, "Put you money where your mouth are!"

      What are your experiences of cheaters in DbD? And what are your thoughts about BHVR?

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    • CD Project Red celebrates its 20th anniversary
      July 1st this year, the Polish company CD Project Red celebrated 20 years as a company. A few days ago, the company released an 18-minute video on the history behind everything. In the video, Adam Badoski, Piotr Nielubowicz and Marcin Ivinski talk about the company's journey from the first Witcher to today.

      There is also a website dedicated to the celebration where you can read about the games and the company's history. They also encourage readers to share screenshots, selfies and more to participate in the celebration.

      What are your best memories from CDPR games?
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    • 17-year-old arrested for Grand Theft Auto leak
      It has been called one of the biggest leaks ever in the gaming world.

      Now a 17-year-old boy from London has been arrested. A police source tells The Desk that the boy was arrested on suspicion of being involved in the server breach of Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive, the companies behind "Grand Theft Auto",  The Desk reports.

      On September 18, 90 clips of what were said to be gameplay sequences from the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto" game were posted online.
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    • Park Beyond
      With a couple of Might & Magics and Tropico 6 under his belt, Limbic doesn't have a roller-coaster habit, but despite this, there's something obvious about Park Beyond. It feels natural for the Planet Coaster - and Theme Park -experienced to pick up, and in a genre that deals with tricks and tricks, this is a nice plus on the edge.

      Count on the old tricks of (literally) salting fries to (figuratively) salt the prices of soft drinks. This and all the other things we recognize are not why Park Beyond attracts. It's the story campaign and making the impossible possible that will make Limbic's funfair ride something more than a trivial Theme Park clone.

      The "impossible possible" has a catchy name: Impossification. Something I myself get to squeeze and feel when I build a roller coaster in the middle of a colorful small town. Laying out hills and motion-sickness-inducing curves is exemplary easy, and soon the track is winding through stately parks and over rooftops. This is where Park Beyond takes us beyond the possible.

      You can choose between either building a cannon, which shoots the carts through the air to land at breakneck speed on the other side. Or trust nature's own speed and fan laws, and let the carts whiz freely over houses, people and livestock via a downhill slope and a carefully placed "bump".

      Dip your management toes into the sandbox mode and "impose" a rather ordinary octopus carousel that is expanded with a deep pool that the visitors repeatedly dip into. Employees can also be "impossified", and Limbic tempts, for example, with mechanics on hoverboards.

      Well, it's definitely quite possible that Park Beyond will be really fun. For a very long time Planet Coaster has been a natural choice, only catch with that title is the lack of content and the fact that the developer hide core game mechanics and attractions behind expensive DLC's.

      We look forward to see more of Park Beyond and can't wait for the release next year.

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