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Who wouldn't like post-apocalyptic games that present us with their version of the dark future and force us to think about the fates of humanity. Twilight: 2000 is exactly the kind of game that created its own version of the event and indicates how fast the world can go to war. The game takes place in the 1990s, when NATO and Warsaw Pact troops faced a brutal, devastating war that turned Poland into a devastated and infested country. There is really very little left of the country, and even that little wants to be controlled by the ruthless Baron Czarny. Of course, your goal is to do everything possible to stop him and prevent him from doing even more damage in such a hard-hit country. This is a very well thought out RPG game, where you have to organize a total of 20 soldiers who will obey your orders. Each soldier has his own nature, so each individual responds differently to orders. You have to pay attention to all the characteristics of the soldier - personality, abilities, languages he speaks, etc. The game requires quite a bit of planning to make your missions successful and to minimize losses on your loss.


Paragon Software


MicroProse Software



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