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Dice: Massive Battlefield 2042 changes underway



On his own blog, Dice writes today that they will make massive changes to Battlefield 2042 in the coming time. The first part of the remake is about the general map design in the game.


“On February 1 we reaffirmed our commitment to push up the quality of Battlefield 2042. Part of that commitment is to better clarify the design direction that we’re taking, and what’s motivating our decisions to bring improvements to the game via a feedback loop that involves you, our players, more directly.
Today we’ll kick off our first key area of focus, Map Design.”

The developer points out five different areas as critical:

1. Travel time - Many players are annoyed at how long it takes to move across the big maps, made for up to 128 players. According to Dice, players mocked the title and called it a "walking simulator".

2. Intensity - Due to the lack of smaller zones where the fighters can converge, the matches can feel chaotic and confusing. Dice specifically points out the Breakthrough mode.


"We are presently reviewing if it makes sense to keep Breakthrough as 128 players vs 64, or if we feel that a reduction of the total number of vehicles that can spawn ensures that their presence isn’t as overwhelming, and gives infantry players a more important role."

3. Line of sight - Too open and too flat - Sniping and attacks from long distances have made life miserable for the poor infantryman. This should therefore be reviewed.

4. Unclear paths to the targets - Without clear paths towards a target, the firing, according to Dice, comes from many different angles, which in turn makes the battles too chaotic.


"Without a clear intended path, enemy fire is more often coming in from all possible angles. We recognise that when you’re defending, this can make it difficult to hold the objective, and when on the attack, we see players exposing themselves on bad lanes in bids to push for a flag."

5. Protection - Dice has taken on board the critique who claim that it is far and too difficult to find protection on the maps:


"Lastly, and similar to line of sight, the current lack of cover across maps is another improvement area which is also caused by the open and flat spaces that you have encountered on certain maps. While we are trying to limit direct long-range combat between objectives, we’re also looking to ensure sufficient cover for when you are traveling between the objectives."

You can read more here. The post is rather long.


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