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The Day Before studio shuts down due to "Out of money"



Four days after The Day Before was released in early access, developer Fntastic has run out of money. And that's why they are shutting down the business, the studio announced via X (Twitter).

Fntastic writes that there are no financial means to continue operations. The income received must go to "partners". You don't say anything if you intend to refund money to those who bought the game.

As before, Fntastic says that it did not make any money from the players during development. But running out of money four days after the start of sales doesn't seem to help them wash away the scam stamp. Nor that until just over a month ago it was said that it would be released as version 1.0, and now turned out to be extremely unfinished and released as an early alpha.

The future of The Day Before and the studio's previous games Propnight described as "unsure" but the servers will continue to function, they say.

At the time of writing, the game is still available for purchase via Steam (no, you won't get a purchase link). It remains to be seen how long it lasts.

Ever since The Day Before was presented it has been accused to be a scam or hoax. Early movies looked unreasonably good, thought skeptics, and others believed that content in the movies came from other games. Then it got into a name dispute, was delayed and removed from Steam.

Last Friday it was released - and slaughtered by Steam players. That is, those who managed to get into the game servers, because despite all the controversies, the game was extremely popular. Which is surely fantastic for the game makers and their partners. Worse for the buyers who played too much to refund the game, however.

As of writing there have since been public statements that anyone who wants can get a refund not matter play time.


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