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Cheater exposed in Battlefield 2042 - EA/Dice does nothing




There have been a lot accusations over the past few years about cheaters and hacks in Battlefield 2042. There have been no real proof other than we know that software are available to buy with which you can cheat in the game, cheats like wallhack, aimbot etc. EA have always claimed that there are minimum amount of cheaters in the game and not long ago they even switched out the anti-cheat software to their own software claiming it was better and would stop cheaters. Well, it's not better, it does not stop cheaters and EA blatantly ignores reports and evidence.

In the last couple of weeks new evidence have emerged of a well known content creator and pilot, LukeSkyfarmer, cheating in the game and with those cheats beating word records. Of course the content creator claims the evidence to be fake even when more and more videos, clips and other evidence is being exposed. Luke is also known to associate with known streamsnipers, being toxic and running a YouTube channel with videos harassing other players. Many of his know companions such as CptDaddyHind, Salim and some others have also been caught cheating, some of them have stepped forward and confirmed it all, some have gone under ground and some still denies it.

What is EA and Dice saying about all of this? Nothing, because their anti-cheat software would of course detect cheating that is this obvious.

This latest cheating controversy have once again divided the Battlefield community into two camps, the ones that have the evidence and exposes the content creator and the ones that state it as fake. The latter part is of course friends of his.

Streamer and content creator AsheBF broke down some clips of LukeSkyfarmers flying, and Ashe who is a very good pilot himself and the victim of year long streamsniping had some interesting points to make.

Expand to see video.



Twitter post of CptDaddyHind cheating.


For all the drama, leaks and more, go to Ashe's Twitter and follow along.

What are your thoughts? Real or fake?


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