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"Florida Joker" wants Rockstar to pay him "a million or two"



The GTA VI trailer was released last week, a little earlier than planned even, and at the time of writing has nearly 140 million views on YouTube . But not everyone was completely satisfied with getting the first official look at almost part of Rockstar's hit franchise.

Lawrence "Florida Joker" Sullivan is a man nicknamed for his Joker-inspired facial tattoos and (once upon a time) green-dyed hair, and now he's angry that a character in GTA VI possibly inspired by him and the "mug shot" which was taken after he was arrested.

Shortly after the trailer release, he posted a video on Tiktok telling Rockstar that "We need to talk", but he doesn't seem to have been heard, and now he's released additional videos.

In the latest he claims that Rockstar has stolen his life and that he wants "a million or two", so upwards of 20 million kroner. Lindsay Lohan tried a similar claim when she thought a blonde woman in GTA V's marketing was a copy of her, but lost in the end in the right.

Someone who doesn't think Sullivan will get a kick out of Rockstar is Roger Clark, the voice of Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2, and he instead urges Sullivan to take advantage of the attention he's received to build his brand.



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