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  • SirMadsen

    Overwatch 2 beta and date announced

    By SirMadsen

    It finally happened, it's finally here. Blizzard and the Overwatch team just announced Overwatch 2 beta, and it's arriving at late April. They also announced that they will split the PvP and PvE content in order to provide faster updates and content for the both. But wait, that's not all. During the announcement Aron Keller took the time and apologized for the current way the team have handled Overwatch content (or the lack off) and promised to be better. Video in the comments. This is
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  • SirMadsen

    Sony buys Halo and Destiny creators Bungie

    By SirMadsen

    Bungie helped put the first Xbox console on the map in 2001, with Halo: Combat Evolved. Now Sony and Playstation have bought the company, which today is most known for Destiny 2. It is Bloomberg who reveals the deal.  
  • SirMadsen

    Check out the gameplay from the abandoned(?) Star Wars 1313

    By SirMadsen

    In 2020, we saw a picture of a Boba, a leaked screenshot that allegedly showed a Boba Fat-like character in the disused Star Wars 1313 game, which would take place in Coruscant's Underworld. Now, additional prototype material from the game has seen the light of day, and it looks more and more like it was a Boba character who took over the lead role since the acclaimed, first demo. In the gameplay prototype, we see the main character move through different (unfinished) environments, as well
  • SirMadsen

    Crysis 4 announced!

    By SirMadsen

    There will be a fourth part in the Crysis series! Crytek has just announced that they have started working on a new instance in the action series. A Crysis 4 if you like, even if an official name does not yet exist. The game was not very subtly hinted at in a teaser that appeared on Youtube yesterday, and now the company's CEO Avni Yerli has lifted the lid and officially announced the game. He writes that it is early in the development and we therefore do not know when it may be completed.
  • SirMadsen

    Blizzard working on a brand new survival game

    By SirMadsen

    After last week’s news that Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard, there will now be more news about the Diablo and WoW developer: the studio will make a completely new survival game. A press release says that this is a survival game for PC and console. It’s located in a whole new game world, so it is not based on any of the company’s already well-used brands. It’s still early in the development and they reveal nothing about setting or anything else. In connection with the announcement, they a

The Swedish survival game Raft sails out of early access

Raft is being developed by Swedish Redbeet Interactive and has been in early access since 2018. Now, however, it is over, because it reached version 1.0, with its largest update ever. The update adds above all, the last chapter of the game's plot, and also three new places to visit: Varuna Point, which was a building where the world elite would seek protection, but which was abandoned before construction was completed; Temperance, which is a snow-covered area where the water has not reached


SirMadsen in Gaming

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is a survival game in Tolkien's world

A sigh went through the gaming world when EA announced The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-Earth last month, mainly because it was a mobile game. But more come from Tolkien's world, and whether it's good or bad that it's survival games we leave unsaid. The game is called The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria , and just as the name suggests, it revolves around a return to the dwarf kingdom of Moria, or Khazad-dûm if you want to be extra intrusive in your nerdiness. Once there, it will b

Diablo IV seems to be backing away from the "pay to win" mentality in Immortal

During the Xbox show, it was clear that Diablo IV will (if not delayed, that is) be released during the first half of 2023. Exciting, and a little scary considering the criticism that Diablo Immortal is currently receiving. Above all, it is "pay to win" criticism that abounds. Now Blizzard more or less seems to want to say that Diablo IV is not based on the same principles as Immortal. Rod Fergusson, responsible for Diablo, tweets : "To clarify, Diablo IV is a full-price game built for PC,

Fallout 5 confirmed

Yes, there will be a Fallout 5. Bethesda's strongman Todd Howard confirms to IGN that the story of life after the nuclear disaster will continue. But it will take time. First, of course, Bethesda will get Starfield, and then The Elder Scrolls 6. That game is currently in "pre-production", so it will probably take several years before Skyrim sequel is released. And as another cloud of concern (if it's mainly a new Fallout you want from Bethesda) is that they have some other ideas in stock. T

The first gameplay from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is here

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be a game again, and Gun Interactive and Sumo Digital aim to be truly faithful to the model. We got to see samples of that last month, when they showed some scenes from the game and the movie side by side, and they had really managed to capture the details. Now it's time to show off some gameplay from the game, and the terrifying experience of being in the Sawyer family's house is also retained. Something that does not really measure up is the facial animati

Diablo Immortal now has the worst user ratings on the entire Metacritic

Diablo Immortal is the biggest launch in the series history, according to Blizzard. But that does not stop it from also being shrouded in controversy and disappointment. Although many people like the game, there are also many who do not take the game's micro-transactions lightly, as they think it goes over the limit of what is decent even in a free to play game. This led to the game shortly after its release becoming the Blizzard title with the worst user rating (0.5 out of 10) on Metacritic, bu


SirMadsen in Gaming

New Blood is a Fallout-like role-playing game - familiar names develop

During the non-E3 week, lots of games were announced, many of which first disappeared under the radar. But every thing has its time, and now we can tell about New Blood , a Fallout -like role-playing game from some of the brains behind Fallout , Van Buren and Planescape: Torment . The studio is aptly named New Blood Interactive, and they reportedly work on several titles in parallel. But perhaps most interesting is New Blood , a game that CEO Dave Oshry of PC Gamer described as "his dream g


SirMadsen in Gaming

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will be released on September 1st

Daedalic and Nacon have finally nailed a date for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, and the release is just over three months away. On September 1, the stealth adventure will be released for various consoles and PCs. Various consoles" unfortunately do not include Switch, whose players will have to wait until later in 2022. Since the Gollum game was unveiled in 2019, the information has been scarce, but we got a first gameplay trailer last spring and a more cinematic variant last winter (which


SirMadsen in Gaming

Arma 4 has been confirmed with no release date, but a engine demo

We here at Throneofgeeks love Arma and we play it a lot with some great people. Today, Arma 4 was confirmed but with no release date as they are still working on the game. But, another good news was that there is now a working Arma game that uses Bohemia Interactives new Enfusion game engine that Arma 4 will be built upon. We didn't get a lot of information about Arma 4, so our guess is that it is still in early development and will not release for another year or two. Enter Arma Refor


SirMadsen in Arma

Big Arma screening tonight - is Arma 4 finally in the works?

Nine years after Arma 3, it's about time. Tonight, may 17, Bohemia Interactive will present the future of Arma, the mil sim whose third part will soon turn nine years old. So maybe it's finally time for Arma 4..? As you can see, the event starts at 7 p.m. Tuesday night, and it takes place in twitch.tv/armaplatform. Late last year, Bohemia showed a new game engine called Enfusion. It was stated to be more flexible and easier to work in than the older Arma game. The new engine was u


SirMadsen in Arma

How to revive & resurrect teammates in Evil Dead: The Game

If your teammates have fallen in Evil Dead: The Game, you’ll either need to revive them or resurrect their soul. Here’s how you can bring your teammates back to life in Evil Dead: The Game.  Evil Dead: The Game is a fresh take on asymmetrical horror games, as players team up to defeat the Kandarian demon and the dreaded Deadites. Tackling the undead is no easy feat in Evil Dead: The Game and you’ll likely need to revive your teammates, or even resurrect their souls. Fear not as revivin

How To Find Map Pieces in Evil Dead The Game

Finding the Map Pieces in Evil Dead: The Game When entering a match as one of the defenders of humanity, you will receive a mission objective in the top right corner that will read something like “Collect a piece of the map near Faison farm.” This usually points to the map piece closest to your location, and I believe all players have the same piece to look for at the same time. You may find when approaching this area that the building you were supposed to search doesn’t contain the ma

Evil Dead game classes for survivors and demons

All Evil Dead: The Game classes have their respective powers and roles to play as you go up against either the Deadites and Kandarian demons, or alternatively, against Ash Williams and the survivors. Some excel at ranged combat, some help their allies, some summon allies and some puke on people. Takes all sorts, it seems, but it means there's a class and role for everybody playing Evil Dead: The Game. We'll go through all the Evil Dead classes below, including what they do and how they should be

7 Tips For Beginners In Evil Dead: The Game

Survivors Need To Stick Together One of Evil Dead: The Game's primary mechanics is Fear. As the Survivors explore the map, each character's Fear will increase. The more characters are suffering from high Fear, the faster the Kandarian Demon levels up. If a character's Fear meter is at its maximum, the Kandarian Demon can sense and even possess them, taking temporary control of the character and attacking the other Survivors. Fear is inevitable, but the Survivors can keep it under

Evil Dead The Game Has One Huge Map with Various Locations

Evil Dead The Game will have one huge map and it will have several different locations according to the game developers. Saber Interactive was recently interviewed by YouTuber unCAGEDgamez talking about details of the upcoming Evil Dead The Game. They discussed various topics like gameplay, lore, crossplay, and many more. One of the details first discussed was about the map. Chief Creative Officer Tim Willits revealed that Evil Dead The Game does not have various maps to choose from at

May the 4th be with you! - Here are all the upcoming Star Wars games

Star Wars interest, like everything else, goes in cycles. We see periods of extreme drought, followed by bombardment, and in between perhaps some sort of semi-squal. Movies as well as TV series and games, all seem to live in some sort of constant treadmill. Right now, we're in a slump, at least game-wise. However, there are many projects that lie in the future - the "divorce" between EA and Lucasfilm (they are still buddies, as you will see below) has opened up for more studios that hopeful

Warcraft Arclight Rumble mobile game unveiled

The Warcraft mobile game that have been buzzing about for a while has been unveiled. Warcraft Arclight Rumble is the name, and it is a action strategy of the cuter kind. About 60 heroes are available to fight with and collect, both in single player and with and against friends in both co-op and pvp. The team can be put together and the look customized, and there are five groupings to choose from (alliance, horde, beast, blackrock, undead). The army is to be leveled up and new missions unloc

Star Citizen alpha version 3.17 offers news and a cool trailer

Star Citizen continues its controversial journey towards a possibly finished game, and now alpha version 3.17 has been released, along with the trailer below. This update offers a lot of news, and one of the main ones is that you can now refuel other ships. For example, if there is an extra intense battle, you can buy fuel from other players with tankers. Another welcome news related to trade is that you can now sell the various items that you find in the universe, rather than just regular

Disney has announced the "life simulator" Dreamlight Valley

Disney seems determined to hit the nostalgia nerve of every single person with the announcement of Dreamlight Valley. Classic character after classic character is glimpsed in the trailer for this "life simulator" and adventure game, which will be free-to-play and released for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Game Pass and iOS. The plot revolves around a village that was once idyllic, but which, after an event called "the Forgetting", now lies deserted and ove

Is Ubisoft for sale?

The rumor keeps on going. Bloomberg reports that Ubisoft is talking to potential buyers about a sale of the company. It all doesn't seem entirely unreasonable given all the problems Ubisoft has faced lately, with declining share prices, sales that didn't meet expectations and internal personnel issues that have received a lot of negative attention. According to Bloomberg, it is private equity firms that are currently feeling Ubisoft on the pulse, two of which are named: Blackstone and KKR &


SirMadsen in Other

Diablo Immortal will be released in June for mobile and PC!

Diablo Immortal will be released on June 2, Blizzard said in a video. The big surprise was that the game is coming to PC as well. So far, it has officially only been in the works for mobiles (Android and iOS). It is as you probably know a free to play game, and there will be both crossplay and cross-progression between the platforms, allowing you to pick up and continue on PC where you left off on mobile. And vice versa. The PC version should appear as an open beta, the website tells u

Dead by Daylight codes February 2022

New codes drop occasionally. DBD Bloodpoint codes can earn you a whole lot of Bloodpoints. Meanwhile, other DBD redeem codes reward players with cosmetics and charms. Below you will find all the currently active codes for Dead by Daylight: DBDTHEBOARDGAME — Redeem code for 200,000 Bloodpoints PRIDE — Redeem code for a Rainbow Flag Pride Charm. (Permanent) Nice — Redeem code for 69 Bloodpoints (new players only?) Note that there are almost daily DBD login rewards for 50,000, so

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    • One of Evil Dead: The Game’s best features is the ability to play as some of the franchise’s most iconic characters, but just how do you unlock the likes of Amanda Fisher and Pablo Simon Bolivar? Here’s everything you need to know. Designed in a similar asymmetrical style to the likes of Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight, Evil Dead: The Game challenges players to survive in a campy, horror-inspired universe inhabited by fearsome, bloodthirsty Kandarian Demons. One of the game‘s main perks is the ability to control some of the franchise’s classic characters, including the likes of Ash vs The Evil Dead’s Amanda Fisher and El Brujo Especial himself, Pablo Simon Bolivar. But just how do you unlock these familiar faces in Evil Dead: The Game? Here’s a rundown of how to add characters to your roster of hardened Survivors. How to unlock characters in Evil Dead: The Game In order to start expanding your roster, you’ll need to complete certain missions in single-player mode. These are accessible via the ‘Mission‘ tab on the main menu. While only five missions are available at the moment, a sixth is listed, implying another hero may be joining the fray very soon. Each character has a dedicated mission, which we’ve listed below. Note that all Ash skins will only be usable on the Leader version of the character: Character Mission Amanda Fisher Kill ’em all Ash (Ash vs the Evil Dead outfit) If you love someone set them free… with a chainsaw Ash (Funeral Attire outfit) Party Down! Lord Arthur Homecoming King Pablo Simon Bolivar It’s not gonna let us go!  
    • You will be greeted with a few different options to explore on the main menu. To add your friends here’s what you need to do: Go to the Main Menu Scroll down to the Social option Enter the Social options menu Scroll down to Search and enter your friend’s PSN or Xbox Live username Send them a friend request If your friend has sent you a request, check Party Invites Before you or your friends can play Evil Dead: The Game together, all members of the party must have completed the tutorial. Make sure you’re enabled crossplay too if you’re playing with friends on other platforms. How to invite your friends in Evil Dead: The Game Now that you’ve added your friends, you’re ready to start inviting them into matches too. Follow these steps to invite your friends into the game: Click Survivor vs. Demon on the Main Menu Choose your preference of Survivor or Demon Press ‘invite’ to see your added friends Invite your friends Search for a match
    • If your teammates have fallen in Evil Dead: The Game, you’ll either need to revive them or resurrect their soul. Here’s how you can bring your teammates back to life in Evil Dead: The Game.  Evil Dead: The Game is a fresh take on asymmetrical horror games, as players team up to defeat the Kandarian demon and the dreaded Deadites. Tackling the undead is no easy feat in Evil Dead: The Game and you’ll likely need to revive your teammates, or even resurrect their souls. Fear not as reviving your friends and bringing them back into the fight isn’t as difficult as it may seem. How to revive your teammates in Evil Dead: The Game Collecting the pages of the Necronomicon will often lead to one or two of your teammates facing certain death. If your teammate is bleeding out in battle, here’s how you can revive them: Locate your teammate via the ‘Bleeding Out’ logo on-screen Stand next to your teammate to activate the ‘Revive’ prompt Hold down ‘Revive’ Once you’ve revived your fallen teammate, make sure to heal up using Shemp’s Cola, which can found around the map. Some classes grant extra buffs too, so it’s worth heading back to the menu and leveling up your character once in a while. If you can’t revive your teammates, their soul will need to be resurrected, if you wish to bring them back into battle. How to resurrect souls in Evil Dead: The Game Evil Dead: The Game isn’t forgiving and the onslaught of Deadites will take out your teammates along the way. To bring back your teammates from the afterlife, you need to resurrect their soul by following these steps: Find your teammate’s soul Stand next to it and hold down ‘Collect’ Take it to the ‘Altar’ location marked on-screen At the ‘Altar’, hold down ‘Resurrect’ Now your teammate will appear back in the game as you continue your quest to defeat the Dark Ones. Keep in mind that it's not always ideal to revive or resurrect immediately if a team member is downed or dead. Even though revive is fast, you open yourself up to powerful attacks from bosses and other enemies. Also, while a member of your team is down, the enemy player can't get fear of off the downed player and thus level up slower. If you are certain that you can win the fight with one or two members downed, it might be better to let them bleed out, win the fight and then resurrect them at an alter. Remember, if you are on the last stages, getting the dagger or the Necronomicon pages, winning the fight will expel the demon and giving you plenty of time to resurrect dead players. Another important thing to know is that on the very last stage, when the two minute timer begins to defend the necronomicon, there are no second chances. If a player is killed by the demon, the player is dead, like really dead. No revives or resurrects.
    • Finding the Map Pieces in Evil Dead: The Game When entering a match as one of the defenders of humanity, you will receive a mission objective in the top right corner that will read something like “Collect a piece of the map near Faison farm.” This usually points to the map piece closest to your location, and I believe all players have the same piece to look for at the same time. You may find when approaching this area that the building you were supposed to search doesn’t contain the map piece; Fret not, because this isn’t a piece of demon trickery. You have to search the entire grey circle area outlined on the map in order to find the map piece. This is easier to do if you open up your full map. You can do this by pressing M on the keyboard or with the select button on the controller. When you do approach the area of the map piece’s location, you will see a highlighted exclamation point over the area. Approach this, hold down E, and you will collect the map piece. Your mission objective should now change, telling you where to look to find the next piece. The map will also be highlighted with a green aura. Keep in mind, though the placement of the map pieces is different every game, the map can only spawn in certain areas. It will often be on a wall, at eye level, facing the rest of the room where the player would be standing. Look for areas that logically would have a map there.
    • This clue is misleading in a number of ways. Firstly, the treasure is located in Hordafylke to the north, and it's not east of the village of Alrekstad, it's actually on the large island to the west.  The treasure can be found just southwest of the synchronization point there. Make your way down the very steep cliff face to reach the bottom. You'll see a huge tunnel behind you, so head to the end to find the treasure. Loot it to receive the Snakebite Scheme (Sail) for your longship.
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