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  1. Free
    Autofish is simply a fishing bot for World of Warcraft servers.
    Many games, like, World of Warcraft, have developed extremely boring ways of keeping a player online and busy - like fishing. You can use AutoFish to do that for you while you go do something in IRL. Just kidding, who does stuff in IRL anymore? 🙂
    The program is pretty straightforward and offers a number of settings to maximize your fishing time and try to avoid detection like; human mode, random sleep, increasing movements, etc.
    Using Auto Fish for World of WarCraft.
    If possible, you should use the default UI and scale with no add-ons.
    First, launch the game and switch to DirectX11. If you are using a whitelist, turn off AutoLoot and turn on the Open Loot Window at Mouse. Assign your fishing and lure keys, add them to the AutoFish app, equip your fishing pole and find a nice place to fish.
    Avoid the red areas. AutoFish will check for red areas before starting - if you need to, increase the threshold.
    Don't use your keyboard or mouse while AutoFish is in use, you simply hit the space bar to stop the bot.
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  2. Free
    It's a portable App, enjoy!
    Extract from zip then put ModManFX64.exe file somewhere on your harddrive
    --> NOT in <\WINDOWS...> and NOT in <\Program files...> and NOT in your game folder
    --> ie: <your drive>:\MODMANFX\ModManFX64.exe
    that's all. Launch it. A blue Microsoft windows message will occur saying "Unknown product", just bypass...
    it will automatically create its subfolder at first launch.

    ModManFX - Free for ever generic mod manager utility
    ModManFX manage your mods and do all necessary files backup in one click
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  3. Free
    There’s greatness in simplicity sometimes. The UNIX philosophy of “do one thing well” applies here with this simple utility by PhutureProof which elegantly removes the cockpit tooltips from showing up when you mouse over any of the switches, buttons, etc in your cockpit - giving you an overall more immersive and realistic flight. Install it in the same way you would any other scenery or aircraft addon, by extracting the folder to your Community Folder.
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  4. Free
    If you’re anything like me, you find it easy to get lost in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s world aka, “Earth”. Especially if you’re exploring another country. Whilst there is a VFR map in-game that can be brought up by default using the V key, it’s sometimes a bit finicky, and you just wish that you could use something like Google maps to see where you are… Well, with VFRmap, now you can – for free! The project is completely open source, and runs a local web-server using Simconnect that will allow you to view your location, and some information about your trajectory including airspeed and altitude. Setup is very easy and just requires that you download the latest release and then in your browser navigate to http://localhost:9000 or http://<computer-ip>:9000 - be sure to first have a flight started in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, otherwise nothing will happen when you open the .exe.
    Download the latest version here or from Github
    Extract the archive to a folder
    Start a flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
    Open VRFmap.exe, a black console window should open
    Open http://localhost:9000 in your browser (try http://<computer-ip>:9000 if that doesn’t work)
    In the lower left hand corner click load map
    Done, your map should now be setup!
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  5. Free
    MSFS Mobile Companion App is a tool that allows you to control essential aircraft instruments such as NAV frequencies or autopilot using almost any mobile device. The MSFS Mobile Companion App is free to use.
    MSFS Mobile Companion App features:
    Moving Map (Open Street Maps) NAV 1 frequency and OBS 1 selection NAV 2 frequency and OBS 2 selection ADF frequency and ADF card selection Autopilot with altitude, vertical speed, and airspeed settings Gyro drift and altimeter pressure settings How do I run MSFS Mobile Companion App?
    Make sure your PC and your mobile device are connected to the same local network and that your home network is set to Private in your Network Profile settings. Start a flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Run MSFS_MCA.exe that you’ve unzipped previously. A Microsoft Defender security window may open when launching MSFS_MCA.exe for the first time. Allow the “unrecognized app” to run. Additionally, a Windows Security Alert Window may open when you launch MSFS_MCA.exe for the first time. Allow private network access for MSFS_MCA.exe in the Windows Security Alert Window. A command-line window will open that will give you instructions on the IP-address where you can access the MSFS Mobile Companion App. Don’t close the command line window. Open the IP-address in your mobile device’s web browser. The IP address will most likely be something like 192.168.0.XXX:4000. Notice: You can launch MSFS Mobile Companion App directly from your PC’s browser. In that case, just type in localhost:4000 in your browser’s url bar.
    Known issues:
    NAV frequencies can get out of sync, especially when rapidly pressing frequency adjustment buttons. Use the “Force Sync Frequencies” button to synchronize frequencies with the sim. NAV frequencies are not automatically synchronized when starting a second flight. Use the “Force Sync Frequencies” button to synchronize frequencies with the sim. Tuning frequencies in the NAV tab don’t work for the default 747, A320, CJ4 and King Air 350i. Use the NAV Direct tab for these planes. CDI switch doesn’t work in 747, A320 and CJ4. NAV Direct can only switch the CDI between VOR1 and GPS. VOR2 is not available. MSFS Mobile Companion App may crash when accessing it from multiple devices at once. Credits MSFS Mobile Companion App is based on the Python SimConnect project. You can follow the development of MSFS Mobile Companion App on GitHub.
    Originally from: http://www.allflightmods.com/microsoft-flight-simulator-2020/msfs2020-tools/msfs-mobile-companion-app-v1-0/
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