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Warning: Using bots in most of the games is prohibited; by doing so, you risk being banned and losing your account. If you are using unofficial servers, this shouldn't be a problem. Official servers are more of a risk.

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Autofish is simply a fishing bot for World of Warcraft servers.

Many games, like, World of Warcraft, have developed extremely boring ways of keeping a player online and busy - like fishing. You can use AutoFish to do that for you while you go do something in IRL. Just kidding, who does stuff in IRL anymore? 🙂

The program is pretty straightforward and offers a number of settings to maximize your fishing time and try to avoid detection like; human mode, random sleep, increasing movements, etc.

Using Auto Fish for World of WarCraft.

If possible, you should use the default UI and scale with no add-ons.

First, launch the game and switch to DirectX11. If you are using a whitelist, turn off AutoLoot and turn on the Open Loot Window at Mouse. Assign your fishing and lure keys, add them to the AutoFish app, equip your fishing pole and find a nice place to fish.

Avoid the red areas. AutoFish will check for red areas before starting - if you need to, increase the threshold.

Don't use your keyboard or mouse while AutoFish is in use, you simply hit the space bar to stop the bot.


World of Warcraft



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