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If you’re anything like me, you find it easy to get lost in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s world aka, “Earth”. Especially if you’re exploring another country. Whilst there is a VFR map in-game that can be brought up by default using the V key, it’s sometimes a bit finicky, and you just wish that you could use something like Google maps to see where you are… Well, with VFRmap, now you can – for free! The project is completely open source, and runs a local web-server using Simconnect that will allow you to view your location, and some information about your trajectory including airspeed and altitude. Setup is very easy and just requires that you download the latest release and then in your browser navigate to http://localhost:9000 or http://<computer-ip>:9000 - be sure to first have a flight started in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, otherwise nothing will happen when you open the .exe.



  1. Download the latest version here or from Github

  2. Extract the archive to a folder

  3. Start a flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

  4. Open VRFmap.exe, a black console window should open

  5. Open http://localhost:9000 in your browser (try http://<computer-ip>:9000 if that doesn’t work)

  6. In the lower left hand corner click load map

  7. Done, your map should now be setup!



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