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electronic arts

  1. Sirmadsen

    Windows FIFA 98: Road to World Cup Win

    FIFA 98 is already a classic game, surprising to this day with its craftsmanship, which surpasses many later parts of the FIFA series. By many, FIFA 98 is considered to be the most complete and best balanced game in the series. It is possible to play both a friendly match and league mode, and...
  2. Sirmadsen

    DOS MacOS Theme Hospital 1997 (DOS)

    This game tries very seriously not to be taken seriously, and succeeds through the inclusion of humorous diseases and even more hilarious treatments. Take, for example, The King Complex. As tragic folks taken over by the spirit of Elvis himself (who took a hiatus from the grocery store tabloids...
  3. Sirmadsen

    Windows Black & White 2 ISO

    Black & White 2 places you in the role of a god. Summoned by a lost tribe of people in need, the Greeks, it is your task to help rebuild them to their former glory. The path you take is completely up to you. You can be a benevolent and merciful god, working with the people to build a city that...
  4. Sirmadsen

    Windows Simcity 3000 1999 (Windows)

    SimCity 3000 is an economic game released in 1999 by Electronic Arts, Inc. The game was released for PC (Windows) and Macintosh. In the game, you play the mayor. Our task is to manage the city. We start the game on an empty area where we will develop our city. In selected sectors, you can...
  5. Sirmadsen

    Windows Need for Speed: Underground 2 2004 (Windows)

    Need for Speed: Underground 2 is a cross-platform racing video game and the eighth installment in the Need for Speed series, the direct sequel to Need for Speed: Underground. It was developed and published by Electronic Arts in 2004, for Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation...
  6. Sirmadsen

    DOS MacOS Theme Park DOS

    Designing your first amusement park isn’t actually that tough, but once things are up and running the headaches begin. The key to your theme park’s success hangs on how happy your customers are. Sure, they’ll come to investigate when it opens, but if they don’t like it (if it’s too dirty...
  7. Sirmadsen

    Windows Sim Theme Park Win

    There are two ways to play the game: Instant Action and Full Simulation. In the first mode you don’t have to worry about things like finances, but you’re also limited to the number of items you get to place in the park. In Full Sim mode, your tasks include researching rides and ride upgrades...
  8. Sirmadsen

    Windows Need for Speed II: SE Win

    Over the years, NFS has become a legend in the gaming industry. Need For Speed games are always very graphically attractive and very well playable. In 1997, EA released an enhanced version of NFS2 called Need For Speed 2: Special Edition, where they focused primarily on graphics enhancements and...
  9. Sirmadsen

    Windows Road Rash Win

    Rough music, leather clothing, plenty of booze and sexy girls - these are the main characteristics of bikers, or at least how most people portray them. The game Road Rash is about motorcycles and playing this game you will... wait for it... confirm all these myths/ideas! In the game you will...
  10. Sirmadsen

    Windows The Sims Win

    At the time, this game made a real revolution. There were no superheroes, ancient secrets and half-naked beauties with submachine guns, you didn't wear commando's camouflage pants and you didn't hold a cold steel pistol in your hand. You have lived in an ordinary life in a virtual world. Tie a...
  11. Sirmadsen

    Windows Black & White Win

    Very ambitious "god simulator" - minimal interface and maximum freedom. Everything you use to interact with the world around you and your followers is your hand of God. The primary goal is to control the territory / map. As God you build buildings and infrastructure, you help your trustees with...
  12. Sirmadsen

    Windows SimGolf (Sid Meier's) Win

    If you want golf today, you are simply picking up and take your car to the nearest golf course. As far as golf you want to play in this game, the playground you need to build first. Yours is to lead a golf course, build it, enhance and mainly play with it's handwritten golfers. The better...
  13. Sirmadsen

    DOS Dune 2000 DOS

    There are really only a couple of old games, that have become legendary that everybody knows them well, every little boy even of today's generation. One of such games is undoubtedly Dune 2 - the game that laid the foundations for real-time strategy. Westwood Studios in 1998 decided to release a...
  14. Sirmadsen

    Windows Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Win

    Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun is a name for the third game in this series, and in 2010 was released as freeware. Once again, you can choose from two sides for which you fight: GDI or NOD. GDI has traditionally stronger units and weapons, but NOD side has better units for silent and sneaky...


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