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Evil Dead game classes for survivors and demons



All Evil Dead: The Game classes have their respective powers and roles to play as you go up against either the Deadites and Kandarian demons, or alternatively, against Ash Williams and the survivors. Some excel at ranged combat, some help their allies, some summon allies and some puke on people. Takes all sorts, it seems, but it means there's a class and role for everybody playing Evil Dead: The Game. We'll go through all the Evil Dead classes below, including what they do and how they should be played.

There's seven different classes in Evil Dead: The Game, four for the survivors and three for the demons. 


  • Hunters
  • Leaders
  • Support
  • Warriors


  • Necromancers
  • Puppeteers
  • Warlords

Survivors in the Evil Dead are basically our heroes - humans from the films determined to quell the evil in the area and escape with their body parts still attached. There's a set number of four survivors in each game.

Hunters (Survivors)

Hunters are often by nature, ranged fighters who keep enemies at a distance and avoid melee fighting when they can. They can hold greater ammo than most classes and are superior to other classes at locating resources. There's actually an extra character here - whereas most classes have three people to pick from, this class has four.


  • Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2)
  • Amanda Fisher (Ash vs. Evil Dead)
  • Ed Getley (Evil Dead 2)
  • Kelly Maxwell (Ash vs. Evil Dead)

Leaders (Survivors)

Leaders serve as a kind of frontline support class, buffing nearby allies by reducing incoming damage, boosting outgoing damage, curing status conditions and revealing objectives. While there's nothing forcing you to obey the Leader, they can help organise and rally players properly. Stay close to them for the best effect.


  • Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead TV Series)
  • Annie Knowbury (Evil Dead 2)
  • Lord Arthur (Army of Darkness)

Support (Survivors)

Whereas the Leaders help allies on the frontlines, Support hangs back a little more and pulls the loose teeth and daggers out of their allies with various healing powers. They can also mark targets and carry more consumables than other classes.


  • Ash Williams (Evil Dead)
  • Cheryl Williams (Evil Dead)
  • Pablo Simon Bolivar (Ash vs. Evil Dead)

Warriors (Survivors)

Whereas Hunters are ranged fighters, Warriors are melee-focused fighters who stand on the frontlines, acting as tanks and mowing down nearby demons as efficiently as possible. They don't have much effectiveness over range, but it doesn't matter - their job is to stand between the oncoming horrors and your less durable allies, chainsawing anything that gets too close.


  • Ash Williams (Army of Darkness)
  • Henry the Red (Army of Darkness)
  • Scotty (Evil Dead)

The Demonic forces, sometimes known as the Deadites when they take over human bodies, are the villains. There's only one player-controlled Demon character in any game, but they're individually tougher than any of the humans, as they're actually a bodiless, overseeing force that can set and trigger traps, spawn minions of varying power, possess players and objects, and eventually manifest themselves as powerful boss Deadites with special abilities.

Necromancers (Demons)

The Necromancers come wholly from the Army of Darkness movie - there's Evil Ash, who you might remember pulling himself out of Ash's shoulder before taking a shotgun to the nose and being buried - and two variants of Skeleton minion to boot. Necromancers do a mix of summoning and melee combat, fighting on the front line among other minions that they work with as a collective horde.


  • Evil Ash (Army of Darkness)
  • Skeleton Elite (Army of Darkness)
  • Skeleton (Army of Darkness)

Puppeteers (Demons)

The Puppeteers are remote or ranged fighters who impede the survivors, pin them down, or just sling things at them from a safer distance. Using more complex attacks, this is a class type that takes a little more thought, but rewards tactical striking and careful selection of targets.


  • Deadite Berserker 
  • Demi Eligos
  • Eligos

Warlords (Demons)

Warlords are tanky brutes, probably the simplest class of all, using heavy strikes, short-range AOE attacks, and even their own severed limbs to brutalise nearby foes. What ranged attacks they have are limited, but as a Warlord you can do a lot of damage to survivors by getting in the middle of them and just flailing at every face you see.


  • Deadite
  • Deadite Elite
  • Henrietta


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