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How To Find Map Pieces in Evil Dead The Game



Finding the Map Pieces in Evil Dead: The Game

When entering a match as one of the defenders of humanity, you will receive a mission objective in the top right corner that will read something like “Collect a piece of the map near Faison farm.” This usually points to the map piece closest to your location, and I believe all players have the same piece to look for at the same time.

You may find when approaching this area that the building you were supposed to search doesn’t contain the map piece; Fret not, because this isn’t a piece of demon trickery. You have to search the entire grey circle area outlined on the map in order to find the map piece.

This is easier to do if you open up your full map. You can do this by pressing M on the keyboard or with the select button on the controller.

When you do approach the area of the map piece’s location, you will see a highlighted exclamation point over the area. Approach this, hold down E, and you will collect the map piece. Your mission objective should now change, telling you where to look to find the next piece. The map will also be highlighted with a green aura.

Keep in mind, though the placement of the map pieces is different every game, the map can only spawn in certain areas. It will often be on a wall, at eye level, facing the rest of the room where the player would be standing. Look for areas that logically would have a map there.



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