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Battlefield 2042 patch released - few changes, but more and bigger are promised by April



Today, patch 3.3 was released for Battlefield 2042, a month and a half after the last one. It's a fairly small update, with an updated scoreboard as the main bait.



Match Overview has been improved and placed on the left of the screen; this still retains information about the match, objective progression and ticket counters as well as personal stats such as Kills, Assists and Deaths, alongside your current in-game ping.

The Scoreboard now features a team vs team split look for certain team-based modes such as Conquest, Breakthrough, Rush and Team Deathmatch, alongside the inclusion of the deaths stat to the Scoreboard.

While these changes were two of your most-requested missing pieces, this is the first version of the Scoreboard, and further improvements will be made to this in subsequent updates, based upon your continued feedback such as the Scoreboard being available during the End of Round screens.


In addition, some skins are released for those who bought more expensive versions of the game, and a handful of bug fixes:


  • Fixed a game crash that could occur on Origin or Xbox One when signing in/out while using an Xbox One controller
  • Setting “Chat” Key Bindings no longer requires a game restart to take effect
  • Adjusted Aim Assist on console to ensure that the system is in effect when analogue sticks are at 100% of their range. Previously it was only active at ranges below 100%
  • Fixed a bug where takedowns would not result in a kill on Xbox One and PlayStation®4
  • Established new location for our EU Data Centre as Frankfurt


  • Conquest & Breakthrough - fixed a bug where the Securing Objective XP-event was triggered even after a Capture Point was already fully captured
  • Hazard Zone - fixed a visual bug displaying squad mates during the match found sequence
  • Hazard Zone - fixed a bug where the End of Round XP gains sometimes didn’t trigger


If the list feels meager, you will have to recalibrate to April, when a much more nutritious update sees the light of day (if the forecast holds). It should include "a larger amount of changes and fixes", VOIP support for squads and additional scoreboard changes. It also suggests balance changes for weapons and vehicles, and a revised system for how attachments to weapons work. No promises for the last one, though.


Our next update is presently scheduled to arrive in early April. It will include a larger set of changes and fixes, as well as the introduction of VOIP functionality for Squads, and the refreshed Scoreboard being available during End of Round. We're also targeting balance changes for weaponry on vehicles, including the MC5 Bolte, alongside an overhaul of Attachment behavior for infantry weapons across the board.

If Dice and EA are seriously looking to attract people back to BF2042, much faster and bigger news than this is needed. The game is booming around 1,300 - 2,000 players per day on Steam, according to SteamDB. The game is available in more places (Origin, as well as on Playstation and Xbox) so the total number of players is higher. At the same time, the Steam numbers can be compared to Battlefield V which has about ten times more players.

What kind of changes do you want to see?


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