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    Chromium is an Open Source web browser project from which Google Chrome draws its source code. Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
    It was designed to provide a safer, faster, and more stable way to experience the web for all users.
    Chromium is a tabbed window manager or shell for the internet rather than a browser application. The project has avoided putting unnecessary things into the User Interface to make a more intuitive, user-friendly experience.
    The tab is the equivalent of a desktop application's title bar; the frame containing the tabs is a convenient mechanism for managing groups of those applications. In the future, there may be other tab types that do not host the standard browser toolbar.
    Chromium is a speedy and efficient browser that uses search as its primary form of navigation. This process simplifies the way you access personal content and the web. It also offers enhanced functionality through HTML 5, offline modes, background processing, notifications, and more.
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    LibreWolf is a custom browser based on Firefox, focused on privacy, security and freedom. LibreWolf is designed to increase protection against tracking and fingerprinting techniques, while also including a few security improvements. This is achieved through our privacy and security oriented settings and patches. LibreWolf also aims to remove all the telemetry, data collection and annoyances, as well as disabling anti-freedom features like DRM.
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    Opera One (currently early-access developer version) is a completely redesigned browser, planned to replace the flagship Opera Browser for Windows, macOS, and Linux later this year. Based on the principles of Modular Design, Opera One transforms browser interaction, delivering a liquid navigation experience that’s more intuitive.
    With its release, Opera One becomes the first major Chromium-based browser utilizing a multithreaded compositor in its user interface. Opera One also introduces Tab Islands, a new, more intuitive way of interacting with tabs.
    Opera One’s look is completely reimagined based on Modular Design. In this early-access developer version, this is most noticeable in the sidebar and tabs modules. As features are added or tabs are opened, elements in the respective module adjust automatically to make room. This user-friendly design declutters the interface and keeps browsing smooth and focused.
    Opera is known for its innovative and useful features, but the variety of use cases leaves the browser busy with idle shortcuts. Opera One changes that with its modular interface, a dynamic space that deemphasizes unused components to make room for new ones. In the sidebar, elements are dynamically adjusted as others are added, making space for more cutting-edge AI integrations as they become available. And as extensions become more and more relevant with new generative AI features, Opera One groups them in a collapsable module in the address bar, simplifying the interface while retaining quick access. This portable version comes bundled with uOrigin ad-blocker and some settings set towards privacy.
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    Chrome is a fast, simple, and secure web browser, built for the modern web. Chrome is designed to be fast in every possible way. It's quick to start up from your desktop, loads web pages in a snap, and runs complex web applications lightning fast. Chrome's browser window is streamlined, clean and simple. For example, you can search and navigate from the same box and arrange tabs however you wish -- quickly and easily. Chrome is designed to keep you safer and more secure on the web with built-in malware and phishing protection, auto-updates to make sure you have all the latest security fixes, and more. Chrome puts you in control of your private information while helping protect the information you share when you're online. There are tons of ways to customize Chrome and make it yours. It's easy to tweak your settings and add apps, extensions, and themes from the Chrome Web Store. Signing in to Chrome brings your bookmarks, history, and other settings to all your computers. It also automatically signs you in to all your favorite Google services.
    App Notes
    Passwords Not Saved Between PCs By Default: Google Chrome stores passwords in such a way that they are encrypted in a way tied to current PC. While the passwords are not kept or left behind on the PC itself, they won't be retrievable when you move to a new PC. There is added password portability as an advanced option, though, which you can enable by reading the help.html file.
    Certificates Not Portable: Google Chrome has no certificate manager. It uses Windows' certificates manager. So, any certificates you install through the Google Chrome interface are stored on the current local machine and will not travel with you. Thus, you should not use any private certificates with Google Chrome except on your own PC.
    Some Settings/Extensions Locked Per PC: Google Chrome locks specific settings to a given PC. Details are included in this post. This behavior is by design by the Chrome team. If you would like this changed, please file a bug with the Chrome team. A suggested workaround is to sign in to Google to restore all settings and extensions and to use an extension such as Session Buddy to maintain your session state as you move PCs.
    Note that other portable browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition do not have any of the issues mentioned above. These issues are specific to Chrome due to Chrome's design and not something we can work around without fixes to the base app by the Chrome developers.
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    This installer will download and run the latest version of Microsoft Edge in the variant of your choice. When download is complete and you run for the first time you get to choose if you want to run the browser in portable contained mode or portable for all users using a shared folder.
    All credit go to Github user UndertakerBen.
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    Opera GX is a special version of the Opera browser built specifically for gamers. The browser includes unique features like CPU, RAM and Network limiters to help you get the most out of both gaming and browsing.
    Bring your gaming style to mobile. Connect mobile and desktop browsers with the file-sharing Flow feature, smoothly browse on the go with the one-handed Fast Action Button, and protect your privacy with the built-in ad blocker in the mobile browser for gamers.
    Completely customize your color scheme with Opera GX to match your gaming setup. Choose from specially designed themes, and easily select GX desktop wallpapers as a gaming background. GX Mods completely changes the look, feel and sounds of the browser. Never miss a live stream. With Twitch right in your sidebar, you can easily see the channels you follow, who's online, and choose to receive notifications whenever someone you follow goes live. Talk with your teams, friends and communities with Discord in your sidebar. Join us on Discord to talk about gaming, give feedback on GX, and have fun with the Opera GX community. A world of music and podcasts at your fingertips. Connect to all your music services in one place, and switch between them easily. Chat and browse at the same time with Discord, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Vkontakte, and WhatsApp integrated right into the sidebar. Save and collect web content easily, share it visually. Collect pictures, links, music, files and notes to create builds, compare hardware deals, or plan the ultimate gaming den - in easily shareable, eye-pleasing boards. Detach online videos to watch on top of other windows while you continue browsing. Control your privacy and security with the free integrated browser VPN. Browse with less headaches and load websites faster with the built-in ad blocker.
  7. Free
    Enjoy one of the best, fastest and secure browsers in a portable way. Just unpack and run, no install necessary. Use it on a USB-stick or portable harddrive. All settings are saved within the portable folder.

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