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    The Incredible Machine 2 was created by Jeff Tunnell and released in 1994 for DOS and the following year for Windows and Macintosh. It's the sequel to The Incredible Machine and it adds new levels, new parts, a redesigned interface and much better graphics, sounds and music. It is considered the best game of the series.
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    The Incredible Machine is a puzzle game where the player has to assemble a Rube Goldberg-type contraption to solve a simple puzzle. It was developed by Jeff Tunnell Productions and published in 1993 for the PC by Sierra Entertainment.
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    The Lemmings are back! this time in a 3D looking world with tons of levels to play.
    Build, climb, bomb, stop, glide your lemmings into the balloon and go on the next level.
    Nice of this game is that the levels don't need to be played subsequently. After each level you have some options. This way if you get stuck in one, you can just go for another level. Nicely done.
    Download game, run the registry setup and you're good to go.
    Works on Windows 10 64 bit.

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