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  1. South Park Super Mario Bros 2 lets you play Super Mario as a South Park character.
    We stumbled upon this excellent piece of abandonware by Joe Dixon from 2001 that gave us more than a few "blasts from the past" laughs. The name is pretty self-explanatory here. It's a port of Super Mario for PC where the main characters are from South Park. It is a standalone game that should work fine on any windows based system with 800px graphics anyway.
    Just download and unzip the file and click the EXE to play. You may need to assign the SHIFT and CTRL buttons under options to get the jump to work. But after that, you'll be off dinging coins and bopping Goomba's in no time.
  2. There are many comic book heroes, who has been inspiration for computer games, movies, TV series. Among the most famous and very popular is also Spiderman, which the game The Amazing Spider-man is dedicated to. Of course you play the hero - Spider-Man and your goal is to save your girlfriend - Mary Jane kidnapped by the evil Mysterio.
  3. Two-dimensional platformers and jumping games were the dominant feature of the early 1990s. By the end of the 90's, the platformers were no longer interesting and every new hit had to be 3D. At the same time, 2D platformers are one of the most fun games, but every time demands its own, so gaming companies have moved in a different direction. Fortunately, there are a few companies that have not forgotten about this genre, and in 1997 Claw is published.
    The game tells the story of the pirate Captain Claw (claw), who is probably looking for the whole world, because a reward of a million gold coins is written for him. Even though he is caught, he manages to escape from prison. You take on his role and set out on a painful journey to find a mysterious amulet that has magical powers. The very character of the pirate in the game is clear that the story takes place in the past and the graphics of the game are adapted to this - corsairs, deaths, pirates with swords, dynamite, or some magic.
    The game has a total of 16 levels, each of which takes place in a different environment and thus differs significantly in terms of graphics. The interesting thing about this game was the presence of multiplayer, and as one of the few games in those years, the game had its own page with the current ranking of the highest score. The Monolith company certainly took a risk when it released this game at a time when 3D action shooters were already flying, but I did very well, I think, because there were still enough players who knew how to appreciate a beautiful platformer.
  4. BeachHead 2002 is an arcade shooter where you, as a lone one army gunner, have to defend against waves and waves of soldiers, tanks, APCs, planes and helicopters that have the sole objective of swarming your position. You have an anti-aircraft (AA) gun as your main dispenser of grief amongst the infantry, an anti-tank (AT) gun for those pesky APCs and tanks (they can also take out barges), surface to air missiles (SAMs) to swat airborne threats, infrequent off-screen artillery support, and a .45 automatic pistol to… well, get to this point and it’s pretty much game over.

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