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Microsoft Flight Simulator will get helicopters this year



Microsoft Flight Simulator took the world by storm both when it was initially released for PC and the following year for Xbox Series X / S. Aircraft pilots have really been able to live out their dreams, but helicopter pilots have been left without, except for player-created creations. This year, however, it will be over, because Asobo says that they plan to implement helicopters this autumn.

However, a lot of work is required before that is possible, and they have already started working on improving how propellers are simulated, which is important for helicopters to work as they should. These improvements will also be used for the aircraft to make the simulation more realistic.

All PC gamers who really like to cream on with all eye candy can also look forward to supporting the upscaling technology DLSS. We have no set date for that, but the support will be implemented sometime this year.



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