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Dead by Daylight Developer Behaviour going after critical content creators



It has come to our attention that Behaviour, the studio behind the horror 4v1 game Dead by Daylight have taken some sort of retaliation against the content creator Dowsey, known for his educational DbD content with over 700 videos on his YouTube channel and almost 64k follower on Twitch.

The developer team recently had a live Q&A stream where they went through select questions, yes, select questions, not live questions in a Live stream, and they made some very weird analogies to sports like hockey. They also manages the art of not answering a single question with a straight answer. The whole Q&A was a joke and has led to a mass ramble on twitter and YouTube. At one point the devs even answered a question from one of DbD’s biggest streamers, Otzdarva, and they sounded like they didn’t know who it was, barely managing to pronounce his name.


“If running the killer for 5 gens doesn’t get you the win, was it really a skilled play in the first place?”
– Patrick
DBD’s Lead Game Designer

Anyway, at one point Dowsey memed (quote above) one of the developers for his annoyingly bad hockey comparison and his much strange thought on what a good player is…

Apparently this triggered the developers that, not even 24 hours later had removed Dowseys content creator Twitch in-game cosmetics which are T-Shirts for the survivors.



I logged on today to find my Twitch shirts in Dead by Daylight had been removed from my account.

I guess the devs have the time to remove a cosmetic from my account but not enough time to take feedback from the community and address one of the biggest issues in their game RN

– Dowsey


And Dowsey is sport on. The comment section of this post is full of people literally complaining about hackers not being dealt with, unbalanced boons, unbalanced perks, broken MMR and matchmaking etc. There are so many wrongs with the game right now and yet, the developers find time to go after and target one of their biggest content creators for A MEME!? Let’s not forget that content creators like Dowsey have probably brought hundreds of new players to the game and this is how they are treated…

You can see the message from BHVR that Dowsey got here. Watch the announcement video here.

Update: BHVR are now actively banning people from their Discord who criticize them for their actions against Dowsey. Watch the video here.

What are your thoughts on this?


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