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Netflix's Resident Evil series shuts down after one season



Netflix's Resident Evil series has endured a lot of criticism. Most criticism has and to do with it has very little to do with the video game series and is more of a teen drama. The series premiered on July 14th and rushed straight into the top 10, but fell away rather quickly after the criticism.

Although the series did not follow the storyline from the games, iconic monsters and characters from the video game series appeared, but in different guises. The most positive criticism was received by the actor Lance Riddick for his portrayal of Albert Wesker. Even though Lance doesn't look like Wesker in the games, most people agree that he did a good acting job.

The scriptwriters had big plans for the series such as introducing the gigantic giantess Lady Dimitrescu. But now it won't be like that, Netflix simply cuts off the head of Resident Evil and lets it rot away.

Would you like a new season of Resident Evil?


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