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CD Projekt has FIVE games in the works



When CD Projekt talked about their business strategic plans earlier this evening, it was clear that they have a total of five games in the works. And two more after that. It is planned and worked on both The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 series, but also on a completely new brand.


Working title of the next AAA major The Witcher game from CDPR. The first of three titles, just like the original series. This project was announced in March of this year , and was then in “pre-production” so it will probably be a while before release.


The working name of the next Cyberpunk game. No details on… well, anything at this point, but Orion being planned has been mentioned before.


Code name for a brand new brand, or IP, being made from scratch by CDPR themselves. Zero clues as to what kind of game it might be, but it will be a while – it says it’s in the “earliest parts of the creative process”, so the actual development work hasn’t started yet.

Canis Major

Codename for another The Witcher game! Also full size, but separate from the Polaris title/series above. Made by an outside studio, with “experienced developers” who have previous experience with The Witcher.


Codename for a game set in The Witcher universe. It is made by American The Molasses Flood, which CDPR bought last fall , albeit with help from CDPR. The game will have both single and multiplayer, the former with a campaign that contains both story and quests. Described as different from the company’s previous work, though it’s unclear how.

It sounds like CDPR friends have a very bright and interesting future ahead of them. But before any of these projects are ready for release, they have a few things to finish. First, a PS5 and Xbox Series adapted version of The Witcher 3 ( due for release this year ) and the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion Phantom Liberty (due for release in 2023).


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