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  • Saints Row Honest Review

       (Overall rating from this review)
    All and all, it's a solid open world free-roaming title with enough to do and it will make you giggle and remember the classic franchise.
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    Let’s be honest, and here me out here. This is not a full out review, this is one mans honest opinion.

    Saints Row is not that bad if you are a classic (old fart) gamer like me. The new release of the franchise have gotten a lot of heat for it’s bad game-play, lack of content and overall mechanics. But I feel like most people giving this title a negative review, are millennials or people who lack the twisted sense of humor the Saints Row titles are known for.

    When you first boot up the game you met with a classic introduction mission and we get introduced to what will come, I wonder if most reviewers even bothered to play through this, because the game takes an hour or two before it opens up fully and you get access to the map and all the quirky outfits and costumes.

    During my fist few hours of game-play I was being hunted by civilians, tracked down by cops, involved in crazy high speed chases from burning cars that eventually crashed into dinosaur statues. The humor is spot on from the old games and will result in a lot of giggles (unless you are offended by Everything) and there is enough to do side-mission way to keep you going for hours and hours.

    Suuure, the graphics is not something to die for, for the game runs smooth and loading times are next to none if run from a SSD/M2 drive. It also preserves some of the classic franchise looks which in my opinion was a smart move, this is not Grand Theft Auto or Cyberpunk! This is Saints Row…

    Is the game somewhat repetitive? It can be, depending on how you chose to go about it. Mix up the main story-line with a dash of side-missions and a grain of free-roam and you got yourself a solid Saint Row salad according to me. You also still get extra XP for doing all kind of crazy stunts like driving in the opposite lane, near misses of cars etc. It’s good fun!


    Don’t let the new wave of millennial reviewers or grumpy “I’ve been playing games since my grandpa wore diapers” people, they either don’t know how it was growing up with ‘our’ classic titles or they forgot and want to fit into today’s society where it’s hip to complain about everything.

    • Funny
    • Runs smooth
    • Enough to do
    • Graphics could have been worse
    • Graphics could have been better
    • Few bugs here and there (still better than most AAA releases)
    • Epic Games Exclusive on PC.

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