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  • Assassins's Creed: Valhalla - Quick Review

       (Overall rating from this review)
    Violent, gorgeous and full of myths.
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Music
    • Gameplay
    • Map
    • Questing
    • Combat
    • Characters

    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is the game for those who want to be a viking. The game itself might not boast much or even resemble the classic AC games where stealth and assassinations took a big role, even though you still can do both of those.

    But, Valhalla takes everything a bit further by providing players with a huge beautiful open world that truly resembles how the old England (Britannia) looked like. It's truly one of those games where I several times have skipped the fast travel and just run instead. Several times have I stopped and just admired the landscape.

    You are the viking Eivor and you will visit landscapes from the accurate hills of England to the more mythical towers of Valhalla and ride across the rainbow bridge.

    Even if quests and characters are forgettable, the world of Assassins's Creed: Valhalla is not. The map designers have outdone themselves in this iteration of Assassin's Creed.

    Combat is great, even though it's more head on than stealth in this one. But come on, you are a freaking viking! And the skill tree is so big that you can build any character you want, even go full stealth if you want to.

    Even the game settings can be changed to your hearts extent. Taking to much damage from enemies? No worries, change it in the settings. Doing to little damage to enemies? Change it. Seriously, I have never seen settings so advanced to change every aspect of the game play mechanics. You make it hardcore or just change to play the story.

    But as always in games like this, and it's nothing bad in itself, it kinda belong in games like this now a days. Questing can and will be repetitive. Go there, kill this guy, go there, kill that guy. Travel to this camp, gain access... Kill that guy. It's really up to you to change the gameplay, explore, find treasures in between questing to change the pace.

    • Landscape.
    • Map design.
    • Skill tree.
    • Combat.
    • Game settings.
    • Exploration.
    • Music.
    • Sound.
    • Questing can be repetitive.
    • Some areas require you to be really high level.
    • River raids are extremely one sided.

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