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Oh no BHVR... Not again...



Soo... A new bug have arise in Dead by Daylight where you can get permanent wallhacks in a match if using the perk Blood Pact and you are injured, Object of Obsession will trigger and stay on for the entire match.

This was brought to devs attention in the DbD forums. But, instead of acknowledging it and saying thanks for bringing this to our attention, they just straight up deleted the posts from the forum and the bug is still present.

From what I understand from the YouTuber and Twitch streamer Dowsey, BHVR have a kill switch where they can turn off any perk and such within a few seconds. This bug have been present for more than 24 hours. And we're not talking about a small bug here, we're talking about a wallhack that literally let you see the killer across the entire map, for the entire match.

Guess you have to be a really killer hockey player to win games with that...

Dowsey also made a video about it to put more pressure on the devs, watch it in the spoiler below. What are your thoughts on BHVS's behavior lately?




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