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Squad gets DLC that costs, despite promises that it would never happen



Tactical military shooter Squad has been out for a number of years now, and developer Offworld Industries has been steadily adding new content to the game without charging for it. In fact, in the past it promised that the game would never charge for any content, but now they seem to have changed their minds.

In a post, they write that update 4.27 will, among other things, add emotes (emotes) – that is, short animations to interact with other players. Initially, there will be three different emote packs, but only one of them will be free, while the other two can be purchased for "a reasonable price". However, all Kickstarter backers who qualified for physical rewards will receive all three at no cost.


After releasing free updates to Squad for years, this will be our first attempt to monetize Squad beyond the initial purchase.

We understand that in-game costed content can be controversial and that Offworld's previous management said that costed DLC would never be added to Squad.

With that in mind, we wanted to inform you of this change before v4.2 is released.


They explain that they plan to maintain the game with more free content for a long time, but that they need a way to finance development, including in the form of DLC packs like these. However, they promise that the emotes should not be of the type that spoil the experience.

It's all received a mixed reception among players, with some not having a problem with it at all, some upset that Offworld doesn't deliver on what they promised, and some worried about potential DLC that could detract from the experience, like various colorful clothing.


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