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Fallout 2 as fps - Download or play online today



There are Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 reasons to believe in a long wait for Fallout 5. The game is confirmed, but will only be released after Bethesda's other two giant RPGs. 2028-ish? Perhaps? We'll see.

While waiting for part five in the series, we get the chance to rediscover the soon-to-be 25-year-old Fallout 2 as an fps. The fan-made game can be played online as well as downloaded and costs nothing, although you can support the game and the creators through things like Patreon. The developers, Jonasz Osmenda and Alexander Berezin, emphasize that this is an early access version. Feedback is welcome.

The Fallout series turned 25 last fall (the second coming so quickly after the first), and it was in that vein that this 3D version was revealed. One that literally gives us Fallout 2 in a new perspective.

Download directly from here or from the developers site where you can also play the game online and donate (and you should) to the project.



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