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Renner gives the first sign of life from the hospital bed



It looked critical for a while for American actor Jeremy Renner. The condition is still serious, but on Tuesday the star sent a greeting to his fans through Instagram.

On New Year's Day, the star from "Avengers" ran over his own leg with a snow plow outside his home in Reno, Nevada, and suffered serious chest and leg injuries in the accident, writes CNN.

The message on Instagram on Tuesday is the first sign of life from the star.

“Thank you for all the kind words. I'm too ill to write but I send you all my love," the star writes under a picture of himself in the hospital bed, obviously ill with a swollen face filled with cuts and bruises.


Earlier on Tuesday, Renner's press spokesperson updated more details about the star's health condition. The spokesperson also said that the accident occurred when Renner was plowing snow in the driveway of his house so that his family members could go home after celebrating Christmas together.

According to the spokesperson, Renner's condition is stable and he is slowly improving. He is awake, can communicate and is in good spirits. However, he remains in the intensive care unit for a while longer as his condition is still considered serious but stable.

The accident happened on New Year's morning. Renner's snowplow reportedly started rolling when the star was not at the wheel and he was injured when he tried to get into the plow truck to try to stop it.

According to CNN, Renner used to plow both his driveway and the neighbors' driveways when needed.

He has so far undergone two operations and it is unclear if more will be required.


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