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Cheat Happens - Aurora Game Trainer 1.6.2

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We all game at some point. All of us who game have had an experience where we wanted the ability to bypass, work through, automate or circumvent certain monotonous aspects of gameplay. (Can I get a 'hell yeah' from any players that have had to 'fish' for days?) Aurora is built just for such a task.

Aurora is designed to be a single interface to thousands of game trainers in the Cheats Happen library. Game trainers programs are designed to precisely modify the memory of a computer game on the fly, giving it the ability to alter the game behavior allowing the ability to manipulate the game itself. Because of this ability, trainers often throw off a false positive on your antivirus as a "generic," - so be prepared for that.

Aurora is a portable app, meaning you download, unzip it where you want it and that it. No install needed; click the executable to go. It will run perfectly fine unzipped on a desktop or thumb drive.

If you have the game listed, you can apply the Aurora set of trainers to that game to help you progress or have fun with that particular game in different ways. These changes vary from game to game but can include options like speed increases, god modes, stealth, teleporting, etc.

Aurora supports, Epic, Steam, GamePass, and GOG. Aurora does not support any multiplayer games and never will. This is a moral choice by the company, which we wholeheartedly support. If you want to take some unintended shortcuts for your enjoyment, that's great, but in a multiplayer environment - that's evil.

The free version of Aurora offers three games worth of free trainers each week. (Look in the bottom center for the titles) These three selections of top games will come with 100% of the functions available for those games. It is helpful to have a Steam, Epic Games Store, or Xbox Game Pass account for these to get playing quickly. The rest of the games listed will have some trainers available to test - but you will need to purchase the product to access all the features. The price ranges from $9.95 per month to a full lifetime license for a one-time payment of $84.95. Further, the free version does not require you to register an account. You can use it as a "guest," but registering is helpful if you wish to customize or eventually buy the program.


Cheat Happens

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  • This title on this page are offered with the knowledge that it is currently freeware and/or abandonware. If the status of the title changes, or you would like these files removed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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