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BHVR ignoring the major problem of hackers in Dead by Daylight



So, this is nothing new by now, that cheaters are a problem in Dead by Daylight. What is sad though is that it's nothing new that Behaviour ignores the problem effectively ruining the game for its player base, streamers and content creators. In fact the problem is so bad right now that big name streamers are coming out of their silence and recognizing the problem. Streamers like Otzdarva and Spookyloopz, who by the way are in the Fog Whisperer program are now opening up. In the video below (spoiler) you will see Dowsey speaking about the problem and reacting to the mentioned streamers and, he says something that I truly also believe is a step in the right direction...

"Get out of the Fog Whisperer program". I believe this is something they need to do to show to BHVR that their behavior (no pun intended) is not accepted! It's no secret that BHVR are extremely bad at communicating with their community, it's no secret that BHVR lies about what they are doing to prevent cheaters etc., it's no secret that BHVR don't hold back on punishing anyone criticizing the company and the game.

The problem is so bad now that cheaters can openly use cheats because if they get banned they can have another account up and running in minutes. Cheaters hold players hostage in the game by making it so that you cannot end the game, the only way to do it is by disconnecting and getting a DC strike. There are ways to force you to join any players game, effectively meaning that cheaters can through the cheat software force them selves into all of your games. IP leaks, speed hacks, instant generator completion etc. etc. It goes on and on.

BHVR is not a good company, the developers are not good people, and big name content creators Should Not support them. Play the game for all you want, it is your job, but, get out of any supportive groups/programs being sponsored by BHVR! To quote Dowsey, "Put your money where your mouths are!"

What are your experiences of cheaters in DbD? And what are your thoughts about BHVR?



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