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The Wandering Village have launched it's Early Access



Stray Fawn Studio scored Kickstarter success when they raised money to create the game The Wandering Village . That was in 2020, and now it's finally time for it to be released in early access on Steam. It's a city-building game, but with the significant difference that you don't build on solid ground, but on the back of a gigantic, six-legged creature that wanders through the world.

The people in the game have been driven from their village by plants that spread poisonous spores. However, they encounter the creature Onbu, and thereafter it is up to the player to create a functioning society in the limited space, either in symbiosis with the Onbu or as a selfish parasite. At the same time, the creature wanders through several different types of environments with varying opportunities and challenges.

On September 14, it will be released in early access on Steam , while Xbox players will be able to test it sometime in 2023 via the Xbox Game Preview.


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