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Poll - Would you play on a Conan Exiles RP server?


Would you play on a Conan Exiles RP server?  

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  1. 1. Serious RP server (PvP with rules)

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. More relaxed RP server (PvE)

    • Yes
    • No

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I am thinking about setting up a Conan Exiles serious RP server. Would anyone be interested in playing on such a server and what would you like to see?

As the game is modable it would in theory be pretty easy to set up some good role-play. I know there are some RP servers out there but this would be a serious RP server with rules and settings. Probably some kind of whitelist since we don't want random people to come in just to ruin and destroy and don't care about being banned.

We would need to set up some kind of law enforcement jobs. Tavern owners etc. There so much you could do with the right people.

As this is still in early stages and will probably cost a few doubloons since it would require at least 40+ player server to start with. Looking at costs, a 40 player server would cost about US$28/m which is doable to begin with, but if this is going to a interesting RP there is an option to get 1000 player server but will cost US$484/m which means we have to rely on donations as that cost is just to much for me to handle. The upside is that it is the same server host so the server can be upgraded over time.

What are your thoughts on this?

It's all good ❤️

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Here are some first thought ideas:

We aim to bring you a serious PvEC server. Our server PvE-C means that PvP will be allowed but you will not be allowed to attack players and cannot raid bases on claimed land (read below). We are still figuring out what kind of server settings would be best for a RP point of view and it will probably be heavily modded as some of the RP mods are quite large. Please give your input.

What we are leaning towards as a base start is:

  • Lowering all XP gains by half or more to avoid power play and enforcing role-play.
  • If possible, limiting attribute points and force players to dedicate on certain parts to open up for jobs and traders, and players will not be able to unlock the entire skill tree.
    • For example you can be a builder, a blacksmith, a weapons smith, a hunter etc. and you could make a living off of doing that.
  • Raising enemy NPC damage to force role-play with other players (team up, planning etc.).
    • This also makes it so that you are forced to play safe to begin with.
  • Removing decay alternately setting a really slow decay timer.
    • We do not want to make player feel like they have to log in everyday and farm materials taking away from role-play.
    • A slower decay time makes more sense than none at all.
  • Slightly lower the time tools and weapons break to avoid grinding for materials just to repair your gear.
  • Players can claim land, one tile by placing a flag. The owner(s) of that tile is the only player(s) allowed to build on that tile.
    • Players can only have one tile claimed at any given time and will function as their safe zone. A claimed tile is not allowed to be raided.
    • Bases or buildings not on claimed land can be raided.
  • Open PvP arenas or zones where anything goes.
    • This could be a certain set of tiles in for example a 6x6 area or bigger. There are some zones on the map where it would make sense to have full PvP and where even claimed land would be allowed to raid.
    • This would also open up for the players that want a more hardcore experience.
  • Jobs: Jobs would be needed or you can create your own like setting up a traders hub and build a trader building where you can trade materials or sell high grade gear or food or potions
    • This is where the lower XP gain would set in and force players to engage in trading role-play if you can't get max level in a couple of days by grinding.

And much more. Server settings will most likely be changed a lot during testing fazes and balancing and we are open for ideas.

It's all good ❤️

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