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sex simulator

  1. Sirmadsen

    Windows Diva X: Ariana Win

    In this installment of Diva X series of interactive virtual sex simulators, you meet Ariana, a lonesome brunette in the hotel's lobby. She was reading a book, until you came to her and began the conversation. The next events move you both to her apartment for certain reasons. The first intimate...
  2. Sirmadsen

    Windows 7 Sins Win

    In this 3rd person game, you interact with other characters to gain their confidence. Each character has interests that provide different growth on confidence levels. But each one has his own personality and they can stress, depress or excite you more than anyone can afford. To control yourself...
  3. Sirmadsen

    DOS Vida X Club DOS

    Basically, it is a point'n'click adventure. You point your mouse cursor and click. Usually it brings up a question that you have to answer, or the displayed picture changes a bit. In this game, your task is, as expected, to get a girl into your bed. In order to achieve your goal, you have to...
  4. Sirmadsen

    DOS Teresa: House Guest DOS

    In this installment of Interactive Girls Club, you encounter Teresa (played by British pornographic actress Teresa May). Visiting office type party, you met a beautiful girl from overseas. It's her birthday tomorrow, but she has no place to sleep to this time. Being a gentleman, you invite her...
  5. Sirmadsen

    DOS Girlfriend Tracy ISO

    Girlfriend Tracy is a video game published in 1995 on DOS by AIVR Corp. It's a simulation game, set in an adult and interactive movie themes. Girlfriend is an artificial intelligence program which mimics the responses of a human female in a conversation. You enter a sentence through the...
  6. Sirmadsen

    DOS Girlfriend Terri 1994 (DOS)

    Girlfriend Terri, a really nice simulation game sold in 1994 for DOS, is available and ready to be played again! Time to play an adult and interactive movie video game title. Girlfriend is an artificial intelligence program which mimics the responses of a human female in a conversation. You...


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