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  1. Sirmadsen

    Windows Fallout Windows

    A devastating nuclear war had wiped out almost the entire population of the Earth. The civilization, as we know it, has been destroyed. The Earth has become a huge wasteland populated by mutated creatures. Only small number of humans survived and they formed communities living on the surface...
  2. Sirmadsen

    DOS The Orion Conspiracy ISO

    Divide by Zero's third adventure release is an uneven space opera that has interesting puzzles and plot-- marred by a huge amount of gratuitous violence and prafanity that may turn many players off. Played in the third person through an extremely linear path, Orion's plot revolves around your...
  3. Sirmadsen

    Windows OpenRA 20210321

    OpenRA is a project that recreates and modernizes the classic Command & Conquer real time strategy games. We have developed a flexible open source game engine (the OpenRA engine) that provides a common platform for rebuilding and reimagining classic 2D and 2.5D RTS games (the OpenRA mods). This...
  4. Sirmadsen

    DOS Alien Legacy 1994 (DOS)

    If you want a famous point of comparison with Alien Legacy, that would be Outpost. Those of you who have played through 4x games probably know what it’s all about. But believe it or not, Alien Legacy is actually even more stressful and harder to get into than Outpost, which was no walk in the...
  5. Sirmadsen

    Windows Dune Dynasty 1.5.7

    Free video game "Dune Dynasty" v1.5.7 (probably final) for Windows, an enhanced porting of classic DOS game "Dune II" / "Dune 2". It's faithful to the original, but adds a modern interface, a single-player skirmish mode, a player of original cutscenes and soundtrack, and optional features. The...
  6. Sirmadsen

    DOS Strife 1996 (DOS)

    Strife is a Doom-like 3D action shooter and last game that had used the Doom engine. Although from the first sentence it may seem it will be just another copy of Doom, that's not what you should except. The game is set in a medieval environment and is not just about mindless shooting, but in the...
  7. Sirmadsen

    Windows Star Wars: Yoda Stories Win

    A 2D game, primarily launched in a window (in which almost half of the space is taken up by inventory), from a bird's eye view. The plot freely copies the fifth film episode, but of course we will see a lot of side quests and new locations. The story begins when Luke Skywalker lands his X-Wing...
  8. Sirmadsen

    Windows Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Win

    Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun is a name for the third game in this series, and in 2010 was released as freeware. Once again, you can choose from two sides for which you fight: GDI or NOD. GDI has traditionally stronger units and weapons, but NOD side has better units for silent and sneaky...
  9. Sirmadsen

    DOS Command & Conquer: Red Alert DOS

    Red Alert is one of the most successful and well known real-time strategy, following on the first Command & Conquer released in 1995. Game mechanisms and strategies has not been changed - you have to build a base, produce combat units and you harvest resources. The story, however, is distinctly...
  10. Sirmadsen

    DOS Command & Conquer (Gold Edition) DOS

    Command & Conquer follows the megasuccesful game Dune 2 and it has created a successful series of real-time strategies: C&C. The game focuses on the war between the two organizations, The Brotherhood of Nod and the Global Defense Initiative (GDI). The player can take control of both sides of...
  11. Sirmadsen

    Windows Atrox RIP

    Atrox is astonishingly similar to Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft. The gameplay, the graphics, units, buildings, even single animations are extremely close to the original. The game is a real-time strategy game where the player controls one of three races (Hominides, Inteliom, Kreators) and...


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