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Black Adam Review

Black Adam is an assemble of powerful super heroes coming together to fight the bad guys, just so happens Black Adam is a bad guy up until the last 10 minutes when, as in any other movie, the good guys convince the bad guy to be good guy and remember the ones he loved who have died. It's a boring super hero script that have been done over and over. I'm not even going to go into details about the powerful Kent who can see into the future but fails to deliver a single helpful "do this to prevent this" or how in every single fight scene they tear apart the city they're supposed to protect most likely killing hundreds if not thousands of innocent people.

The action along with the movies visual effects are good and pretty much non stop, lets just say it's not Supermans mustache. I went to see the movie with really low expectations due to the Rock being everywhere and I'm just generally tired of seeing him in 100 movies per year. I was not especially impressed overall, as it is a plot that have been done over and over and you can pretty much guess the ending half way through. The weak point of the movie is without a doubt its script and the choice to make it PG-13 down from Rated R and the best moment is the post end teaser. This is the one movie from DC that could have been the 'Deadpool' of DC. Let's just hope for a directors cut.

Runtime is about 2 hours but it probably would be more accurate to say around 90 minutes due to extreme over-use of slow motion scenes.

I would wait for it to come to streaming services before you watch it, it's not worth the ticket price.
The Good

Good visuals
Good acting
Just enough humor

The bad

Just another Super-hero movie
Half the movie is slow motion shots
No R-Rating


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