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Found 2 results

  1. Quick video of how you can maximize your internet speed by changing one simple setting. I more than doubled my speed using this trick!
  2. Lately I’ve seen a lot of people on the internet asking how to enable Nvidias Performance Mode on their Geforce powered computers. Like many others I had problem getting it to function properly and completing the performance scan didn’t work. After a while I found a solution that actually worked! Also before we continue bare in mind that the performance mode is for RTX powered cards only which means 20x cards. IT WILL NOT WORK ON NONE RTX CARDS! Also, unlesss a new update have rolles in the performance mode is a experimantal feature so you have to enable experimental features in the Geforce Experience app in settings. Let’s get to it. The whole process to get this working is about 5 minutes plus 20-40 minutes for the scan to complete. 1. NVIDIA Control Panel We are going to start by opening the Control Panel by right clicking on your desktop and choose NVIDIA Control Panel. 2. Restore Settings It is here the magic happens. The problem you have been experiencing is that the performance scan is conflicting with settings that you have most likely already made inside the control panel. When the scan goes through the settings it find conflicting changes and then aborts. What we need to do is restore everything to default settings by going to Manage 3D Settings and then pressing the Restore button and then accepting by pressing Yes. Restoring default settings might take a few seconds so just let it happen. 3. Performance Mode When the restore is complete open the Geforce Experience overlay by pressing the keyboard shortcut you've set (in my case Alt-F11, default is Alt-X) and then hitting the Performance button. Like said above, this might be a experimental feature still so make sure you've enabled experimental features in the Geforce Experience app settings, not the overlay settings. 4. Enable Performance And finally you can go ahead and press Enable automatic tuning toggle and watch the magic happen! Or make your own settings, just be careful with manual settings. And remember, the initial scan can take up to 40 minutes to complete and you should not do anything to your PC while the scan is in progress. Take a walk, get some fresh air and come back to a newly performance tuned rig!

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