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  • SAW X Quick Review

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    Trying to create shock value but it becomes to much.
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    Saw X, the end of John Cramer? No one never knows. The plot is simple, John is trying to cure his cancer but is being set up for experimental treatment, when he finds out revenge begins. There are some twists along the way to ensure the viewer don't know whats going on.

    The movie falls apart though when the clear shock value of blood and gore becomes to much and 'unrealistic'. Almost all the victims would have passed out from all kinds of reasons long before the timer ran out. The movie is not hard to watch because of the violence or its well made effects, it's hard to watch because of the clear over the top entrapments.

    Wait for the movie to release on stream or rental, do not waste money on theater tickets.

    • Blood and gore
    • Twists
    • Effects
    • Unrealistic
    • Over the top

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