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  • Starfield Quick Review

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    Starfield is a space game, with very little space.
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    An open world space game, except the open open about space is limited to orbiting planets and quick-jumping (loading screen) to other planets, which by the way you don't have to, you can just open the map from anywhere and quick-travel. There's really no need for space at all in this... Space game. It's pretty obvious that it's only there to fill out the genre.

    But, the game is a Bethesda game through and through. Everything is there from the quirky followers and NPC's to 'open world' transition screens when you enter a building or certain rooms (instances) inside buildings (Open Starfield when?).

    The talent tree this time around is very well thought through and works really well, as usual you have to do things you want to level up but this time you progress towards a next level instead of of just constantly leveling up the skill. It's very good.

    Overall the game is a classic Bethesda game which might as well could have been a futuristic game instead of a space game since space is not needed.

    • Spaceship Building
    • Tons of loot
    • Great skill system
    • Boring space exploring
    • Incredible boring planet exploration
    • No land vehicles
    • Loading screens everywhere

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