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  • Dying Light 2 - Quick Review

       (Overall rating from this review)
    I'd rather play Dying Light again that finish Dying Light 2.
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Music
    • Gameplay
    • Map
    • Questing
    • Combat
    • Characters

    Dying Light 2 is a meh sequel with a parkour system that feels more outdated than updated. A few new moves and fun swings is not enough to pull this through. It's fun enough when you get a flow running and the music starts, and then it stops just as fast because the character didn't grab the ledge or you jump a foot to fast. The parkour in DL2 is more a fun thing than a necessity.

    Questing is repetitive and boring, if you try to do side-missions you quickly lose focus and really don't stand to gain a lot from it. The quests where you get to make a choice rarely pans out to what you think, the choice you make will not make a difference on the main storyline and your alliance changes nothing except what you get to do around the map. You unlock either combat based gadgets or parkour based gadgets, that's it.

    Yes, Dying Light 2 is a horror (ish) game, but the forced night/dark zone play is not something everyone will enjoy. I find myself more often than I probably should just running through the dark zone areas when forced into them by the main quest, rather than stealthy make my way through. I haven't done a single side mission that is night based and I haven't gone after the inhibitors that a hidden in dark zones. Not everyone enjoy the night/dark play and it's honestly a turn-off that Techland have made it mandatory this time around.

    The reworked "Stay Human" skill system is also not a welcomed addition. Everything ties into two main core attributes now, health and stamina. In order to get either one you need to find inhibitors, and guess where they are if you venture outside of the main quest line? Yep, dark zones. So, again, if you feel underpowered late in the game and you haven't unlocked that special move or can't climb the wall, all you have to do is venture into dark zones... At night... Enough said. Ok ok, some containers can be found in better places but not enough.

    • Parkour
    • Graphics
    • Map is gorgeous
    • Voice acting
    • Also Parkour
    • Choice don't matter
    • Forced night/dark zone play
    • Skill system
    • No repair system

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