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  • Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Quick Review

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    Beautiful world with the typical Ubisoft rinse and repeat recipe.
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    There is no question about whether Ubisoft's new Avatar game is beautiful or not, because it is. Running or flying around the huge open world of Pandora is a treat, if not one of the best open worlds I have seen. But, I would rather fly around the entire map for hours just exploring rather than doing the typical Ubisoft rinse and repeat quest lines.

    The world of pandora is under attack, and parts of it are being used to exploit the lands, so the land become toxic. Only way to free the land is to destroy the specific buildings that are there, you do this by doing the same thing over and over for every buildings. Literally, the same thing every time.

    The side quests are all the same, go there, find this, report back. The stupid investigation quests are interesting at start but quickly become one sided and annoying. Other than that, there really not much to do, there is few, if not none, random events throughout the big open world, other than animal integrations and the random RDA base where there is nothing to find.

    The progress system is built upon a power level system where you have to be a certain power level to be able to complete quests. Some you might try early on but the game really leans towards its power level. In order to get power levels you need to get better gear. Leveling up, completing quests, doing side thing will not give anything. To get better gear, you need to either buy ingredients or go out in the world and grind for materials. You see, the game forces you to go out and find materials in order to be able to upgrade or make new gear, or else you can't get your power level up.

    Combat is boring and stale and all you do is look for weak spots.

    I ended up just running with a trainer, the only thing that was enjoyable after 10 hours was unlocking new zones and experience them for the first time. Everything else was just rinse and repeat and repetitive.

    • Beautiful world design
    • Music
    • Locked map based on story progression
    • repetitive
    • forced progression
    • Power level system
    • repetitive enemies
    • Doing side things literally means nothing
    • Boring combat
    • Next to none special events throughout the big open world

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