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Dune II is one of the most important games and absolute gaming legend that has defined the whole game genre of real-time strategies. Its success has tried to follow the game Dune 2000 but has not been as successful, as it should be. Dune has inspired several freeware versions that have tried to improve some elements from the original game. The most successful remake of Dune is Dune IV - created from scratch by Vladislav Demjanišin (same author also created Dune III, but IV was more popular). Compared to Dune II game brings many improvements: higher resolution for newer computers, better gaming control (choice of several units at once), better artificial intelligence, more dynasties, etc.

Dune IV has mostly the same gameplay of the original game, but adds a modern interface, including multiple unit selection and building pipeline. It grabbed the original graphics, but many sounds are new (voices are in russian or in english with a little slavic accent). The most notable differences in gameplay are:
  • Barracks have an additional function, they raise the maximum number of units that the player can produce.
  • Ornithopters and carryalls can float in midair and are fully controlled by the player like other units.
  • Repair facility only repairs turrets.
  • Starport no longer buys units.
  • Only the first spice refinery includes a harvester.
  • Radar is not necessary to see minimap.
  • Sandworms run very fast to eat harvesters, then stay immobile for some time after eating.
  • Defensive wall not available.
  • IX research center increases productivity.
  • Five new campaigns are available (two Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos, Fremen). Multiplayer over LAN allows battles with up to 8 competitors on predesigned scenarios. The game includes a scenario editor.
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