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  1. Windows
Release Year
PIXIS Interactive, Inc.
PIXIS Interactive, Inc.
  1. Adult
  2. Interactive Movie
  3. Nudity
  4. Sex Simulator
In this installment of Diva X series of interactive virtual sex simulators, you meet Ariana, a lonesome brunette in the hotel's lobby. She was reading a book, until you came to her and began the conversation. The next events move you both to her apartment for certain reasons. The first intimate encounter with her will give you some pleasure, but more experience will be gained by your next interactive actions.

With TFUI(tm) 2.0 Technology (Touch Feel User Interface), an icon-based 3D interface that mimics human spoken language, you are allowed to touch and sexually interact with Ariana, in real-time, from the first-person view. So, in the game you should stimulate the woman with advanced sexual functions: tongue, self-stimulation, special toys as well as your own hands and body.

The game also includes X-Director(tm). Literally sitting in the director's seat, you take full control of the sex scenes in FMV and direct Ariana to do as you command. Advanced editing functions include record, play, save and edit XXX interactive sequences and create your own full length movies for future playback. Edit lists can be transferred via media or internet for later viewing and are compatible with subsequent instances of Diva X series. Zoom and multiple camera angles may be varied also.

The gallery of Ariana's static pictures in compromising situations and video-shoot outtakes are also present.
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