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  1. If you are like me and keep your system drive (C:) at a minimum and only use it for apps and programs, not as your actual storage drive. Then having iCloud Drive filling up your system drive because, well Apple don't let you decide where to store your synced files. Thins generally means that if you are syncing your iCloud Drive with gigs and gigs of terabyte, your system drive will fill up pretty fast. I found this very easy fix to trick your iCloud Drive into syncing into any folder of your choice. I won't be copy pasting so for those that can't figure out this simplified guide, head over to the original post, link in the bottom. Basically follow these steps: Click the iCloud icon on the system tray, and then click Open iCloud Settings to bring up the iCloud app. Uncheck the box next to iCloud Drive, and then click Apply. Click Delete From PC on the confirmation box. This will delete all downloaded iCloud Drive files and folders from your computer. Exit the iCloud app afterward. Don't worry, nothing will be deleted from your actual iDrive, only the synced file on your hard-drive, which is what we want anyway. Create a new folder within the partition or external drive where you want to change the iCloud Drive storage location to. You can insert any name. For example, I created a folder on my D drive simply called "iCloud Drive". Right-click the Start menu icon, and then click Windows PowerShell on the context menu. Make the necessary adjustments to the command below, and then type it into the Windows PowerShell console: Replace username with your actual Windows username, Replace D:\iCloud\iCloud Drive with the actual file path of the new iCloud Drive storage location. cmd /c mklink /J “C:\Users\username\iCloudDrive” “D:\iCloud Drive” Press Enter to execute the command. You should see a "Junction created for..." message as confirmation. Relaunch the iCloud app via the system tray, and then re-enable iCloud Drive (check the box next to iCloud Drive, and then click Apply). Now your iCloud Drive files will sync to that folder and keep your system drive from filling up, and all your synced files will also stay put if you need to reinstall Windows or if anything happens. Just remember to do this trick again if you need to reinstall. For the fancy guide with images and longer descriptions, go to: https://www.guidingtech.com/change-icloud-drive-folder-location-windows-10/
  2. Fallout tends to focus entirely on the United States, and a group of modders want to change that. The first real trailer just came out for a very ambitious project called Fallout: London, which will be a mod for Fallout 4 in DLC size. As the name suggests, it takes place in the British capital, and includes attractions such as Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. Of course, this is not a life-size London, but the designers say that the city is about the same size as the Commonwealth in vanilla Fallout 4. Since it takes place on the other side of the sea, we will not see any classic factions, but instead there are seven new ones competing for influence and territory. But it is not just a game world with a few factions, but a complete package with new weapons, creatures and above all missions. The focus on firearms will be less, and in some cases you will have to rely entirely on melee weapons. The firearms that are available will also be about home-made variants to a greater extent. They plan to only release it to PC, but since the project takes place in the developers' free time, they have no release date to share. More info is available on the official website. https://fallout4london.com/
    Well, it is better than the movie.
    Great app. Crashes sometimes but it does what it is supposed to, very well.
    Been using this for a while. Switched from 7zip and never regret it.
  3. Hambirger here, real name Marcus, from rome italy. A microsoft flight video brought me here from sirmadsens channel.
  4. oh heck yes! omd2 is still one of my favorite games
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