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  • Birthday September 9

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    Microsoft Flight Simulator
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    Event Horizon
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    Snow Leopard

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Community Answers

About Me

Geek and nerd by day, casual gamer and streamer over at YouTube at night. Come join me!

No FaceCam?

  • Most times no, sometime yes.
  • Why? I'm a night shift worker and sometimes I'm just to tired to use facecam.


I stream mostly in English but I might stream in my native language, Swedish, if I play with friends.

I'm just a casual gamer from Sweden that plays just about anything for the fun of it.

I really enjoy survival games, open world games and RPG's. I also tend to try new games and test MMO's that are either free to play, pay to play (no subscriptions) or in beta to see if they are worth keeping. I also play Overwatch when I need to rage!

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