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America (ironically enough) was developed by a German software firm, Data Becker. The concept behind this title is a familiar one. The player must gather and manage resources (food, wood, and gold), build structures, create “units” (people), and achieve certain specific mission objectives (which typically amount to conquering your opposing nations and/or defending yourself from the same).

Few people would argue with the assertion that this sounds more than just vaguely familiar. America’s gameplay style is just what one might expect from a mainstream real time strategy. In a nutshell, it is (as many other titles are) very similar to the Age of Empires series. While I hate to compare every new real time strategy game to Age of Empires II, this eminent title is widely accepted as a standard bearer of the genre. Hence, I will succumb to this temptation and utilize the Age of Empires series as the yardstick by which to measure America on more than one occasion.



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