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7554 is a first-person shooter set during the Franco-Vietnamese War from 1946 to 1954. The title references the Viet Minh’s victory over France at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu on 7th May 1954. Unlike all previous games about that war, it is developed by a Vietnamese studio. The player assumes the role of Hoàng Đăng Bình, a Viet Minh soldier fighting against the French army.

The game consists of twelve missions and starts in the streets of Hanoi where the city needs to be protected, controlling a soldier of the 1st Company of the 101st National Guards Battalion in December 1946. Each mission is set in a different period. The second for instance takes places in September 1950 in Dong Khe Town, Cao Bang, and the third one shows him as a part of a squad to ambush a convoy in the jungle. Many mechanics of contemporary shooters, such as those of the Call of Duty series, are used. The character is able to stand, crouch, prone and sprint. There is no health bar; instead the screen gets a red hue and a heartbeat is heard when health is low. To restore health, cover needs to be found for a short time. Battles are fought at a large scale with AI-controlled team mates that act independently. An ironsight is used for aiming. There are many in-game scripted scenes that further the events, for instance blowing up tanks, using a knife to balance a helmet to trick a sniper into thinking he shoots a soldier, or dropping a grenade inside a tank. During certain sequences specific soldiers need to be followed to progress through buildings and areas.

Different types of weapons can be used and they can be switched on the fly. The game offers a knife, rifles, pistols, machine guns, grenades and molotov cocktails. New weapons to swap and additional ammunition can be picked up from dead soldiers. Only two main weapons can be carried at all times. Other weapons are only available on specific moments, such as an anti-air gun in the seventh mission to shoot planes out of the air. An on-screen overlay indicator keeps the objective and the remaining distance visible at all times.



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