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Lyric: Cobra's Christmas Firecrackers

Dedicated to CobraTV and his Cobros

On a silent night, he lights up the sky
With a roar of firecrackers, and a gleam in his eye (oh-yeah)
Cobra the Star Citizen, with his trusty ship
Spreading joy and excitement with every fiery flip

Cobra's Christmas fireworks, illuminating the night (oh-oh-oh)
Captivating hearts, filling us with delight
He soars through the stars, with a trail of sparks
Cobra's Christmas fireworks, lighting up our hearts (lighting us up, yeah)

In the frosty air, on a starry night
Cobra the Star Citizen, burning bright (bright)
With a fire in his eyes, and a gleaming smile
He's the hero we need, going the extra mile (ooh-yeah)

Cobra in the night, blazing through the sky
With his trusty rocket ship, he's gonna fly high (fly high)
Firecrackers popping, colors bursting in the air
We're feeling the holiday spirit, with Cobra everywhere

We were soaring through the stars, venturing afar
On the Carrack, chasing dreams and reaching far
But the silence was broken, by a thunderous sound
Cobras firecrackers launched, lighting up all around (ooh-yeah)

Burst of sound, explosive in the night (ooh-yeah)
Cobras firecrackers, setting the sky alight
Through the galaxies we roam, leaving trails of fire
Fochs with his Carrack shining bright, taking us higher (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)



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