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  1. Fallout tends to focus entirely on the United States, and a group of modders want to change that. The first real trailer just came out for a very ambitious project called Fallout: London, which will be a mod for Fallout 4 in DLC size. As the name suggests, it takes place in the British capital, and includes attractions such as Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. Of course, this is not a life-size London, but the designers say that the city is about the same size as the Commonwealth in vanilla Fallout 4. Since it takes place on the other side of the sea, we will not see any classic factions, but instead there are seven new ones competing for influence and territory. But it is not just a game world with a few factions, but a complete package with new weapons, creatures and above all missions. The focus on firearms will be less, and in some cases you will have to rely entirely on melee weapons. The firearms that are available will also be about home-made variants to a greater extent. They plan to only release it to PC, but since the project takes place in the developers' free time, they have no release date to share. More info is available on the official website. https://fallout4london.com/
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  2. Already at the unveiling we could report that in Battlefield 2042 you will be able to play against and with bots. And that you actually level up even in this game mode. These AI-controlled soldiers will also be able to fill up teams in "regular" matches if it's about people, which can be thankful even if they are rarely the best recruits. "Also new is the introduction of AI Soldiers (Artificial Intelligence) to the series. As a multiplayer-only experience, it's important for us to let you play Battlefield 2042 when and how you want. Here is what that looks like in the All-Out Warfare experience of Conquest and Breakthrough: Multiplayer - AI soldiers are used for server-filling capabilities, ensuring your matches remain full, no matter your location. Co-Op - Allows you to play together with friends, against AI soldiers. Solo - If you wish to perfect your multiplayer skills, you can even play alone against AI soldiers."
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