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Second Sight

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The story begins with John Vattic waking up in a mysterious medical facility with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Vattic soon uncovers that he has the ability to manipulate the physical world with his mind and uses this newfound power to escape and try to discover the forgotten secrets of his past.

The gameplay of Second Sight involves the use of both firearms and psychic abilities. John's psychic arsenal includes telekenisis, a psychic attack (either in the form of a psychic shockwave or a The sniper rifle mechanic in Second Sight, with the scope view in the corner.
The sniper rifle mechanic in Second Sight, with the scope view in the corner.
concentrated ball of energy), healing, invisiblity, projection, and possesion. The games arsenal of weapons includes the basic shooter weaponry, ranging from pistols to SMGs, and assault rifles to sniper rifles.
There is also a stealth element to the game, allowing the player to sneak past enemies to reach their objectives, mostly relying on their charm ability (using John's psychic influence to trick the enemy into thinking John isn't there) or their projection ability to scout the area ahead. However, the game does include some instances where stealth is not an option and the player must eliminate all enemies by force (either using firearms or psychic powers).
Due to his inherent ability to heal himself, Vattic can, if hurt, retreat to a safe place to heal and then return to the fight, although enemies will sometimes tend to respawn if the player retreats too far. 
Though much of the game is built up to emphasize the possibility of sneaking past enemies, there are also elements of traditional shooter games, especially when teamed up with WinterICE in the past.
The game doesn't contain any bosses of any sort, mainly due to the story-intensive nature of the game. The only real boss in the game is the main antagonist, Hanson. However there isn't any traditional boss fight, i.e; the player doesn't need to change the way they battle or use any special tactics on certain enemies to finish the game.


It's all good ❤️

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