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Add any folder to sync in Microsofts OneDrive

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How to sync any folder to OneDrive in Windows 10?

Let’s say you have a folder called my-super-duper-secret-pictures on your hard-drive that you want to sync to OneDrive.

If you want to add a folder to sync in OneDrive like that, you need to trick OneDrive into thinking that this specific folder is in its own folder.

Well, if you take another look at the OneDrive settings screen where you select your folders to be synced, you’ll notice that OneDrive reveals its location on your local hard drive, where it keeps the local copies of your cloud files.

Windows 10 stores the location of your OneDrive folder in a system variable called “UserProfile%\OneDrive\” (or wherever you have chosen your OneDrive folder to be), so you’ll be able to use that in the next steps.

Now in order to add a folder to sync in OneDrive, open a command prompt first. In the command prompt, type the following:

mklink /j "%UserProfile%\OneDrive\my-super-duper-secret-pictures" "c:\my-super-duper-secret-pictures"

where you substitute “a-folder-to-be-synced-to-onedrive” with your own folder name. Then press ENTER.

If all goes according to plan, you will get a response that a junction is created for your folder.

And that's it! The magic has already happened. Congratulations, you just succeeded to add a folder to sync in Onedrive. You'll notice a little arrow next to the folder name in OneDrive, indicating that the folder is a link, but OneDrive will automatically sync the contents of the folder nevertheless.

This method allows you to sync a folder to OneDrive without moving the original folder.

Pat yourself on the back. Or if you’re not very flexible, have somebody else pat your back for you. You’ve done well.

Should you ever want to stop syncing that folder in OneDrive, simply delete the folder from your OneDrive folder in file explorer. The original folder on your local hard drive will not be deleted, but it will stop syncing with OneDrive.

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